The Importance of a Tailored Follow Up

Following up is important in all aspects of business. You want to follow up after a job interview, a business meeting, a presentation or an event. While simply remembering to make that follow up phone call email is most of the battle, it also matters how you do it. It’s very important in building your business with GDI. Each follow up with a potential team member should be tailored to their needs, your conversation and what you learned about them, so take notes.

Make Your Follow Up Fit Their Needs

Take notes on what you shared with this prospect, what you learned about them and what they hope to get from GDI. Go over those notes after your interaction to really get a feel for who this person is and how you can get them to join your downline. Within a few hours of speaking with them, be sure to send a follow up email thanking them for taking the time to talk with you and hit on some of the points you shared. Hammer home why joining with your GDI would help them achieve x, y, or z that you talked about.

Make the Information Relevant

If you forgot to ask all of the right questions to tailor your follow up, that’s OK. Just hit on what you remember and the potential team member will appreciate it. If they mentioned they love golf, even though it has nothing to do with them joining GDI, hit on that point and also make a point how that information can relate to GDI. Maybe the can use their .ws to build a website for their local league.

There is no specific script to follow when it comes to follow up, the important part is that these potential team members feel that you remember them and are important to them, not just some name on a list.

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