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What Do You Want to Do with GDI?

Are you part of the GDI Affiliate program?

Signing up with GDI doesn’t mean you have to pursue our income opportunity. In fact, the choice is all yours for how you work with us. But if you choose to be an affiliate, we want to help you get started. One of the common questions after signing up with GDI is “What do I do? Where do I start?” While there are many different ways to be successful with GDI, we shared some basic principles of what should be included in an affiliate’s role to be a successful part of GDI.

Build Income for Life

The phrase “Income for Life” echoes a passion many of us have. It first makes one think of quitting their 9-5 and living off their network marketing fortune forever. But it’s not quite like that. GDI can help you create Income for Life, but it takes work. As we often say, if you want part time income from GDI put in part time work. If you want full time income, put in full time work. GDI offers a variety of marketing tools and tips, but if you want to create Income for Life, you need to have that passion to stick with you and network marketing for just as long.

Share Your Passion and Our Products

Just like that passion for GDI will help you stick with the work that can create Income for Life, that passion helps others to see what they can gain from joining GDI and working with your team. Passion for businesses like GDI is contagious, so all we ask is that you be passionate about your business and share with people just how passionate you are. So, it’s easy to be passionate about income, but what about our products?! What sets GDI apart from opportunities and domain registrars like it is easy access to the products and services you need to get going. GDI offers you everything from a quick start site creating tool, to your very own WordPress account already set up for you to use, to inviters to simply share emails about your new business opportunity with as many or as few of your contacts. So get to know our products by using them or learn more about them first here.


As you know, the GDI opportunity is considered network marketing, so networking is essential to building your business. Like many of our other tips, networking in this industry is not much different from networking in your standard 9-5, except a lot of it can be done on the internet. Do you research on sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to find others interested in GDI or network marketing and start conversations and see what connections they might have. You can even check out GDI’s Twitter and Facebook page to see who is a fan of us and how you might be able to work with them. Like networking in the traditional business world, not all connections are going to land you that great job or great opportunity, but the more people you are connected with the more chance you have of meeting the right people to add to your downline or offer you great advice.

What do you think the role of an affiliate entails?

Get Started with WordPress

1. As a GDI affiliate, you don’t have to go through the process of registering with WordPress. It’s an option we offer through your account, so you just need to follow the next steps to get started. To access your already created account with WordPress, navigate to your Members Area then to Plugins>WordPress and toggle the on/off button to “On.” The link that appears below with the format is where you blog will exist.

a. You can have up to five (5) blogs as a GDI Basic Affiliate. To set your blog as your primary webpage simply click the options button to the right of the URL you would like in the plugin area and select “set to primary.”

2. Click on that link to see what your blog currently looks like. Maybe you like this format just fine and want to start posting, or maybe you want to change it completely. Either way you need Editto access the backend to do these things. WordPress calls the main area of the backend the “dashboard.”

3. To access the backend or dashboard, simply return to your plugin area. Near the URL of your blog or site, you will see an edit button. Clicking the edit button will bring you to the Log In area for WordPress. Your user name and password are same as your Members Area user name and password.

4. Once you have successfully entered your user name and password you will be taken to the dashboard. Which should look like the image below. Your dashboard is you main backend area in WordPress where you will be able to find everything you need.Dashbpard2

5. If you are happy with the way your blog currently looks, then you can begin publishing blog posts. To create a new blog post, navigate to Posts on the left hand side of the dashboard. When you click on Posts or any of the titles on the left hand side, a submenu will appear. In the Posts submenu you will see Add New, Categories and Post Tags. When you click on Posts, WordPress will take you by default to a list of your past posts, this will appear on the right hand side. WordPress automatically populates a post, which you will see in the list. You can delete that post by selecting Trash from the options that will appear if you hover your mouse over the post title.


Steps for New Affiliates

If you’re new to GDI and a bit overwhelmed with what to do next, don’t worry. Here are the steps you need to take as a brand new affiliate to get educated about GDI and be successful.

  • Contact your upline. This is who you just signed up with. They are a valuable resource and will be able to answer your questions as a new affiliate. You can find their contact information under Upline in your Members Area.
  • Watch our Tutorial Videos. You can access these in your Members Area. These short videos cover everything you need to know about GDI and how to use our services.
  • Visit the blog. You’re already here, but be sure to bookmark We post multiple times per week with information important to affiliates. You can also search past posts for the information you need.
  • Earn Your Learning Bonus:
    • Convert from the free trial to an active affiliate.
    • Set up your .WS email
    • Use GDI’s Inviter tool to send at least 5 invites
    • Directly refer one converted signup
    • Create your WebSite with SiteBuilder
    • Email from within with the subject “Learning Bonus” and include a link to your new WebSite
    • Set your preferred Commission method
    • Earn $25 if you complete all these steps properly!
  • Work towards GDI bonuses. GDI currently offers three bonuses outside of the Learning Bonus for active affiliates. Learn the rules here for the Weekly Superstar Bonus, Team Bonus and Duplication Bonus and then start working towards each!