Five Ways to Ensure Success as a New Affiliate

  1. Get in touch with your upline. Now is the time to make sure you have open lines of communication with your upline. If you don’t already have their contact information, click on Upline on the lefthand navigation in the Members Area. Ask questions and get connected with your most powerful resource.
  2. Begin you learning bonus. GDI Learning Bonus rewards new affiliates for learning more about GDI. The Learning Bonus will walk you through the steps you need to understand all GDI has to offer. Best yet, you earn a $25 bonus by completing these steps. Learn more here.
  3. Follow GDI’s social media accounts. We are every active on social media sharing information, news, videos and responding to your questions. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest to get started. Have a site you want to connect with us on? Let us know!
  4. Decide what you will do with your .WS domain. Will you use your domain for personal or professional use? Do you want to create a blog or a full fledged site. Decide what you want to create and take advantages of our services to do so. Learn more about branding your site here and building your site here.
  5. Set goals and create a plan for success. You’ve signed up, that’s the first step, congrats! Now it’s time to set some goals. Talk with your upline and other affiliates to set realistic goals, or just browse our bonuses in the Members Area for some ideas on what you can achieve.

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