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The Free Sample Marketing Plan: GDI’s Seven Day Free Trial

There are quite a few affiliate programs around today. People can market everything from makeup to diet shakes. GDI is different because you can market from anywhere. You don’t even freetrialneed to be in person to set someone up with a new domain. One thing that you might feel missing from this online marketing world is the free sample. Nothing gets you connected to a business quite like a sample of their product and many companies offer them. But, since GDI’s domain services and income opportunity are online, you can’t offer a sample, right?

Wrong. You may have overlooked it, but GDI does have a free sample: the seven day FREE trial. Every person who signs up with GDI gets to try it out for free for seven days. This is more than a sample of a smoothie, this is the chance for people interested in GDI to experience it and use its services first hand. So market the .WS domain and the income opportunity and offer everyone interested a “free sample.” We promise you wont run out.