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Keywords, SEO and Your WebSite

Content is great. Content is powerful. But what good is great content if no one can find it? That’s why you need to go a step beyond creating great posts and videos for your blog and WebSite and into the world of keywords, SEO, backlinks, and sharing. These words and phrases can seem a bit overwhelming, but each is just a simple tool or tricks to help get eyes to your website. We break down how you can take advantage of each one of these to drive more traffic to your site and in turn at more team members.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization basically means increasing the chances of your site coming up in search engines with the help of best practices. What are best practices? They can be taking advantage keywords, backlinks and other ways to bump you WebSite in search rankings that are explained in this series.


Keywords are those words within your content that relates the topic of your site and what should be most relevant to visitors. Before you can start using keywords throughout your content, you need to identify which keywords apply to you and which ones you want to use to drive people to your website. You can do this by asking yourself what kind of content you regularly cover on your site and what kind of visitors you like. Select keywords that represent both of these and be sure to include them throughout your text. WordPress offers some keyword plugins to ensure you’re using them properly and effectively. Simply search “keyword tool” in the Add New plugins section of your blog.

Video Marketing and Keywords

We’ve talked about the importance of keywords on the blog before as it relates to your websites, marketing and blogging. But one area where keywords are becoming more and more important is video. Video marketing is a powerful tool, so just like your GDI website you should be taking advantage of keywords to direct people to your videos.  YouTube has a great tool for this called the Keyword Suggestion Tool. Read on for how to use it.

What it Does

Once you navigate to the Keyword Suggestion Tool page you will be asked how you would like YouTube to help you find keywords. You can choose to have suggestions given to you based on the topic of your video, the demographic you wish to market your video to or simply your video URL. Once you have selected an option, YouTube will present you will a list of related keywords and the monthly search volume each keyword receives, giving you an idea of how popular these words are.

How to Benefit

The best way to benefit from this tool is to use it to load up your marketing video with keywords you think will drive the most traffic. If you want to attract a certain type of customer, try the demographic option and select everything from age and gender to countries and interests. The topic suggestion tool is great to see what searches are most popular. Adding in popular keyword searches will help to increase the chances that someone ends up seeing your video. Once you have decided on which keyword you would like to use, you can add them to your videos right from the Keyword Suggestion Tool page and even add multiple keywords at once.

So head over the the YouTube Keyword Suggestion Tool and try it out on your videos!