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Conversations Build Relationships; Relationships Build Your Team

It all starts with a conversation. Affiliate marketing is about building relationships and opportunities. The best way to do that is with conversations, but it has to be the right kind of conversation. Stumbling over words and making an uneducated sales pitch isn’t going to get anyone interested in their own domain. Mastering the art of a powerful conversation while sharing information about your opportunity will surely help you to succeed. We share a few tips to help you have the right conversations.

Educate Yourself

A dialogue between you and a prospective team member will include questions on their part and you need to answer them. If you find you don’t have all the answers, brush up on some of your GDI knowledge. A great way to do this is to reach out to you upline with your questions. If you don’t have time for that log in to your Members Area and check out the FAQs and the Tutorial Videos there. Lastly, this blog is a great resource. Take advantage of the search box at the upper right to find posts on specific topics.


If you had a big speech or a presentation on your calendar, you would practice, right? These relationship building conversations are just as important. Think of what you would like to cover in your conversation and reach out to your upline to have a few practice conversations. You can even reach out to a friend who doesn’t know much about GDI to help you be prepared for what kind of questions may be asked of you.

Have the Right Conversations

Lastly, for these conversations to work, they need to be natural. That may seem impossible when you have a specific motive, but try to find ways to connect with those you are talking to. Use personal stories to nail down a point or talk about specific GDI offerings like .WS email and how they’ve made your life easier. Remember, you’re just talking to another person like yourself with goals and dreams, try to relate to them as much as possible while sharing your opportunity.