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Three Reasons to Become a Part of GDI

The main reason people get started with Global Domains International  is to make some money and generate Income for Life. While this seems like a “no brainer” reason, there are many other great reasons to get started with GDI, like networking, creating your own business and being your own boss. We asked our affiliates on Twitter what their reason was for joining GDI and we got quite a few answers back. Read on for some top answers and our explanations behind them.

Meet People

While you may have some people you already know interested in GDI, it is a great opportunity to meet and connect with new people interested in making money with GDI. With GDI you can connect with many people through www.talk.ws, our Facebook page, Twitter and more. While building your business with GDI you can meet new people and work towards creating successful business relationships with them as well as sharing advices and tips.

Great value

How many businesses do you know that take just $10 to get started? Not many! That’s why GDI is unique, with just $10 per month you can start to build income for life. Not only is GDI a low cost way to start your own business, but it’s easy to use and understand. We offer you your own domain name and the tools to create your website and your business. A great value and easy for sure.

Create a Future

We’ve talked recently how GDI is a great way to build income for your future, whatever that may be. If you’re just started out in the business world or headed towards retirement, GDI is a great way to create Income for Life which can help fund your future. Getting started with GDI is easy and if you work hard and don’t give up the possibilities for income and for your future are endless.


Beginner FAQs

How do I make money?

GDI is an affiliate marketing program and you make income with GDI from referring other people to the affiliate opportunity, domain, and services. As a basic affiliate, GDI will pay you out $1 per month on each domain you help people register five levels down. We pay this out to you regardless if the people you sign up take advantage of the affiliate opportunity of just the domain. When someone you register does take advantage of the affiliate opportunity, not only will you get paid a dollar for the domains you helped register, but also for the domains they helped register, five levels down.

I am not internet savvy, how do I build a website?

If your .ws site is your first ever website, try using our SiteBuilder. The GDI SiteBuilder has some very easy to use templates to get you started. SiteBuilder templates allow you to personalize them in a number of ways allowing you to add photos, contact forms and more. For a basic website or your very first site, SiteBuilder is the perfect choice.

Watch our tutorial and get started.

None of my friends or family want to join. What do I do now?

You need to step a bit out of your comfort zone to build new networks and get connected with others. Reach out to old coworkers, local small business owners and entrepreneurs. They might be interested in GDI and they might put you in contact with people in their network. Don’t leave GDI just because mom and dad don’t want to sign up, branch out and tap into huge numbers of people.