Frequently Asked .ws Domain Questions

You don’t have to be a websitq&a2e developer to understand GDI’s domain offerings. Your .ws domain is easy to use and can be configured many different ways. Here are a few common questions relating to your DNS and subdomains. Leave any additional questions for us in the comments.

What does it mean if my service is “Primary” ?
The primary service will display directly at your domain. For example: All other services that are “on” must be at subdomains. For example: Only one service may be primary. Other DNS options (like “SiteBuilder”, “Hosting”, “URL Forwarding”, or “Parking”) cannot be used while a primary service is turned “on”.

What is a subdomain?
Domains can be divided into levels by the use of a dot. For example: in the “top level” domain is “ws”. The second level domain is “domain”. The third level domain is “subdomain”. A subdomain is a domain that is part of a larger domain; for example, the third level domain is a subdomain of the second level domain, and the second level domain is a subdomain of the top level domain. Subdomains can have completely different sites than the domain they are subordinate to.

How many subdomains can I have?
For each domain, Basic members will receive 20 subdomains (5 per service), and Premium members receive 100 subdomains (25 per service).

Will I be charged for subdomains I create?
No. There is no cost for creating subdomains.

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