GDI Affiliate Marketing as a Loyalty Program and Referral Program

Affiliate marketing can have a bad rap thanks to a lot of misunderstanding. People will call it a pyramid scheme, which isn’t true; see our post on it here. Many people also don’t quite understand how you build income as an affiliate; see our post on how this works here. Combating this bad rap and marketing the opportunity can be a bit overwhelming at times. A great way to market is to ask yourself why you’re an affiliate and then shares with others the benefits. But, if you’re having trouble explaining GDI’s affiliate program, here are a few ways to package it so others can understand and get excited.

Loyalty Program

Many companies have loyalty programs where users and customers accrue rewards, points or discounts for being active with a company. GDI works like that in a sense; we reward you each time someone signs up with you. GDI also offers contests and bonuses that run regularly for that extra reward for our loyal affiliates.

Referral Program

Possibly the most simple and easy to understand way to explain the GDI affiliate program is as a type of referral program. Affiliates are rewarded for each new sign up they refer to their team. When your referral signs up with you, you receive a commission.

Domain Service and More

GDI doesn’t just offer you money for building your business; we offer great services and a one of kind domain. New prospects can think of GDI like a domain service that also gives them the chance to make a little money on the side.

 How do you package GDI? Why did you join?

5 thoughts on “GDI Affiliate Marketing as a Loyalty Program and Referral Program”

  1. I think I’m gonna translate this article since many people get asked what to do with a business like this. And many think that after having a website they will be found immediately by other people. Thanks GDI for this new article. Greetings from Mexico

    1. That’s wonderful, Tonatiuh. Visitors to the blog can also translate by selection their language in the Translation widget at the top right corner of the page.

    2. Hi:
      I just got affiliate with GDI two days ago. I know my blog page was made and I chose my .ws site and my two url are done. But from there I dont even know where to start or how to show this on the internet, meaning the process. If someone can help me I will appreciate it a lot.

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