Four Reasons People Quit and How to Avoid Them

Cost and Product Purchasing

In many network marketing opportunities, cost to start and stay with a program is a huge factor. Many programs require you to purchase costly products and then sell them in order to make any profit, or just break even. But with GDI, this is not an issue. At just $10 per month, GDI is affordable for anyone. If someone is looking to quit, remind them what a small investment GDI is to start building Income for Life.

Unsure What to Do

People may decide to quit network marketing when they aren’t sure what they need to be doing or how to grow their business. This is easily avoidable by being a good and responsive sponsor and upline. Your team members should not feel lost or unsure where to get answers, it is your job to guide them and educate them. Keep them on your team by being a great sponsor and an even better mentor.

Not Getting Rich Quick

Network marketing is a chance to build your business and be your own boss on your own time. It is not a get rich quick scheme. Your team members need to know this when they sign up. To ensure people don’t get frustrated and quit when they don’t get rich right away, let them know that it takes time to build a business and see a return. Teach patience to your team members.

Joined for the Wrong Reasons

Team members may look to quit simply because the got into the wrong business or joined GDI for the wrong reasons. To avoid this, get to know each person before you sign them up. Ask potential team members questions and educate them to ensure they are joining GDI for the right reasons and are ready to be part of a team and work hard.

8 thoughts on “Four Reasons People Quit and How to Avoid Them”

  1. Sometimes, also, there can be a disconnect with certain expectations on how and how often a sponsor and new person will communicate.

    Some sponsors provide a lot of attention. Some provide very little. Some new people want lots of support and attention, while others seem to avoid it. Some people prefer email communication, while others prefer to use the phone, skype, webinars or face to face meetings. Some want one-on-one, while others prefer to work as a group.

    GDI is such a powerful international opportunity, but sometimes that international nature also brings forth challenges with language barriers and varied time zones.

    Although there are certainly solutions to all of these issues, a fifth point called “Communication Challenges” would certainly fit in this post.

  2. Hi , I am going to join GDI and i have one small doubt here

    If suppose we have referred 10 people in a weeks time and in order to get the amount, we have to become

    a GDI Premium Member, how about next month, i keep referring people, do i continuously need to be a GDI

    Premium Member??

    Please reply

    Thanks & Regards,


    1. Affiliates may qualify for the Premium compensation plan for a month without purchasing Premium by directly referring 25 paid new affiliates during the month. Meaning this must be accomplished each month to receive Premium compensation for that month.

  3. If we do get reffering 25 new member paid in one month period so we are qualify for the premium compensation for a month, the question is: “7 of them are paid on a week period, do we qualify to get the weekly contests bonus.?

    if i’ve quick from GDI for a reason, can i resign up again with other upline.?

    can i have more then one GDI account, because basicly GDI was a business team, every team come with different metode and different market. Like mostly business if i look profitable, why we not get branch. So can i have more then one Account, and joint 2 team at the same time? (of course i’ll have to pay twice, that fine for me..)

    So far GDI is my mayor concern to get income for life, and this blog absolutly make it more clear how to run this business.

    looking forward for tomorrow GDI last year contest “2/11/2012”

    1. Hi Wira,

      Thanks for all the questions. 1)The Weekly Bonus is based on a set week, not the average of sign ups over a month. 2)You may sign up again with another sponsor immediately as you are allowed multiple accounts. 3)Yes, you can havbe multiple accounts.

      Check out our post today for our newest contest!

  4. I was told you can’t have more than one GDI Accounts as they did changed rules from GDI.

    I been a long time GDI but not very easy to promote and able to get referrals to sign up and be a paid member in downline. But I used GDI Build site for promoting my other online biz sites.

    1. Hello Jennifer,

      Any individual may have multiple GDI accounts, whether in their own name or that of a partnership, limited liability company, corporation, or any other entity. However, any individual that has an interest, legal or financial, in more than one (1) GDI business or account will not be paid commissions for the same downline on multiple accounts. For example: if you create an account (A) and then sign up another account (B) directly beneath it, only account B will be paid on B’s downline. Account A can earn commissions on other referrals and their downline, but not from any of B’s downline. If your accounts are not in each other’s upline/downline, your commission structure will be completely normal.

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