The GDI Sales Pitch

In our most recent webinar we discussed recruiting tools and your sales and marketing pitch. An interesting point came up when we asked some of our top affiliates what their pitches were. One responded that he doesn’t have a sales pitch, and that he has never closed a sale in his life. How does that work? How does one become a top affiliate without being able to close a sale?

The key is in the name of the business GDI is in: Network Marketing. To be a top affiliate, a good sales pitch might help, but a good network works even better. So build your network with personal experiences in GDI, tips and tricks with a few of our great marketing tools and let your network help to do the rest of your work for you. When you build your network with people just as committed to GDI as you, there’s a good chance of great success. Check out the webinar to hear some of our top affiliates discuss how necessary or unnecessary a sales pitch is to succeed with GDI.

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