Get to Know: Replicated Sites

What is a replicated site?
When you first register your domain with us, you may not have a site built to display on your domain. GDI gives you multiple pages to choose from so you can immediately begin referring friends or prospects. Your replicated page will give anyone you refer to it the ability to register a domain with GDI in a few simple steps.

What is the difference between replicated sites?
Many of our affiliates like to promote the products we offer such as domains, email, hosting, and SiteBuilder. At the same time, other affiliates enjoy our business opportunity and want to offer it to prospects. Either way, the choice is yours. Some sites may look similar, but there is always a difference. Try a few and find out which site suits you best.

Can I make my GDI domain go to my replicated site?
Your domain will point towards a replicated site the moment you register it. If you choose to build a site on your domain, you can always go back to having your replicated site display. To do so, simply go to the Domains page and use the Forwarding option to have your domain forward to

What is Rank?
The “Rank” column in the table above refers to the approximate conversion rates for each of the replicated sites. The page ranked 1 has the highest conversion rate, while the highest number has the lowest conversion rate. This is not intended to be an exact measure of replicated site performance, but merely an indicator of which templates are performing better than others.

Where You Can Find Them

Log into your members area and navigate down the left hand side and click on the link that says “My Replicated Sites.” From here you can choose to activate any of our different replicated sites to appear when someone navigates to your domain. Test out the sites to see which fit your needs as there are different templates and formats and offer movies and more.

Who Should Use Them

Any one who is pressed for time, doesn’t want to create their own site for the opportunity of has multiple sites should consider a replicated site. Really anyone can use them and they are professional looking with all you need to start building your downline.

Which is your favorite replicated site?

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