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Marketing to Provide Value

Recently, we posted about affiliate marketing versus affiliate selling. GDI is an affiliate marketing opportunity, meaning that adding new team members is not about just getting rid of or selling a product, but connecting people with the right product, price, and opportunity for them. Affiliate marketing is about providing value to prospects and team members, not selling inventory. We share a few tips to ensure you’re providing value while working to build your team.


While the chance to generate income by referring people to GDI is enough to get many people excited, you need to go beyond that when sharing the opportunity. Start educating potential team members about GDI and how to be successful with GDI right away. This is a chance for you to provide value before someone even considers joining your team. This value means more educated team members and in turn more successful team members.

Don’t Sell

As we said in our previous post, don’t sell GDI, but market it. When you are in a “selling” mindset, you may end up with the wrong people and struggle to meet your goals. You do not want to sell to just anyone. You want to market the right product to the right people who can be an active member of your team. Market to people to ensure they are interested in GDI for the right reasons.


This tip came from our successful Tissa Godavitarne. He advised that when you are looking to grow your team, reach out to many people, but then take the time to qualify them. Get to know people before you add them to your downline to decide if they will be good for your team. Switch roles and instead of having potential team members study you and decide if they want to join, study them, get to know them, and then decide if they will be an effective part of your team.