Aug 302012

Welcome back for part two. We’re still talking driving traffic to your site. (If you missed part one of this series, you can see it here) So read on for two more ways you can take the extra step and get the most out of your content.


Backlinks are simply any links to your website. Backlinks help your website’s SEO, affecting how high your page is ranked for a search. Many search engines, like Google, include the number of backlinks to a site as one of their highest factors in “selecting” which pages receive the highest page rank for a search. The theory behind this is the more links there are to your site, the more on relevant and legitimate it must be, making it a great contender for a top search result. Two simple ways are networking and creating shareable content. Work within your network to create a link sharing system. This way you can list a link to another site while they list a link to yours.


Creating shareable content is another effective way to build backlinks, especially with the boom of social media. You can create your own backlinks by sharing your site and posts across your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Even better when what you share is topical, newsworthy or great content you have the chance of others liking and sharing your link, creating that many more backlinks. You can even ask your followers to share important posts with their followers.

Apr 042012

What does your site offer? It’s a simple question, but can you answer it? What your site offers is key to who you attract, what kind of traffic you get and the potential for leads and return visitors. If you’re looking for any of this it’s important that your site offers something for its visitors. If you’re looking for more traffic or sign ups, your website has to offer visitors a reason to stay and return to your site.

Think of what brings you to sites, what you have specific knowledge on or just what you want to share. This can be videos, educational content or support for potential GDI members. Your website needs to be more than a site, it needs to offer value to attract visitors and keep them coming. Now ask yourself, “What does my site offer?” If you can’t think of an answer to this question and you want more traffic, it’s time for a site overhaul. Give visitors value and they will keep coming back.

So, tell us! What does your site offer to visitors?

Feb 082012

Chances are you’ve got a lot to share on your website and the site tools and hosting that GDI offers you can do just that. But it’s easy to get so carried away with banners, text, and images that people visiting your site don’t know where to look or even what you’re offering. A site with a clean design and a clear message is best for converting visitors into customers, team members or just repeat traffic.

Avoid Competing Images and Text

Decide what you want your site visitors to focus and make that the center of your page. If you want to share video or a blog post, make that the center or close to center of your page. Then add in thing like banners, contact information and other links in smaller areas on your page. When there is too much competing content and images it’s easy for everything to get lost in the chaos.

Take Advantage of Pages

GDI’s SiteBuilder and our WordPress plugin make it easy for you to create and manage multiple pages. If you have a lot of information to share and can easily group it, pages are the way to go to make for a clean site. Pages can include testimonials, about, contact, videos and education. Multiple pages with great content also help to add credibility to your web page.

Stick to a Theme

SiteBuilder and WordPress offer some great themes that are customizable while creating a consistent look across your website. Choose a theme and stick to it across all of your pages. Themes are often designed to present a clean and professional website look so you can skip the extra work and work on creating great content. WordPress and SiteBuilder also allow you to customize themes as needed to make sure your site needs are met and presented in the best way possible, just don’t get carried away with too many widgets!