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NEW: The GDI Marketing Kit

You told us you needed more marketing materials and we listened. Our new GDI Marketing Kit is available in the Members Area right now! The marketing kit provides you with personalized templates that you can print out and take with you. The kit includes a GDI brochure, tear away flyer, table tent, standard flyer and a windshield/small flyer. Each document will be created with your affiliate information. You can log in to the Members Area now to test things out. For a more detailed description of each piece and how to use it, continue reading below.


Your GDI brochure breaks down everything someone might want to know before joining GDI. In the brochure you will find information about GDI’s company history, product offerings, affiliate program and sources of support. The brochure can help to answer many questions that anyone interested in GDI or the affiliate program might have. The GDI brochure should be shared with anyone that you’ve met in person who wants more information or could benefit from learning more about GDI.

To take advantage of your GDI brochure, select the color or black and white option. Next, print your brochure on high quality paper and fold in a tri-fold manner. The portion that says “HOW GDI CAN HELP BUILD YOUR BRAND, YOUR WEBSITE AND YOUR INCOME” should be the top cover opening to the right.

Tear Away Flyer

The Tear Away flyer is designed to attract attention from passersby and invite them to learn more. The Tear Away flyer can be posted anywhere you are legally allowed to post flyers. The flyer can be geared toward anyone and can contain as much or as little personal contact information as you wish. Ideally, interested persons who see the flyer can tear off the individual perforated portion of the flyer with your information to reach out to you.

To take advantage of the GDI Tear Away flyer, select your option for the flyer and print. Consider printing the flyer on bright colored paper to catch the eye. Once you have printed the flyer, cut along the short vertical lines separating your contact information. This will make it easy for anyone walking by to simply grab, tear and walk away with your information to be used later.

Table Tent

The Table Tent is a great tool for any public area with tables. The Table Tent folds neatly in half to create a stand alone tent. This marketing piece provides a just brief bit of information or teaser, inviting anyone who is interested to contact you to learn more.


To take advantage of the Table Tent, print it out on a thick cut paper and cut along the dotted lines. Each piece of paper will produce two table tents. Once you have cut out the pieces of paper, fold in half along the lines. Leave table tents in any public place you are allowed to do so, like a food court, transportation center or even your office lunch room.


The standard flyer provides anyone who sees it with a bit of information about GDI. It is a call to action for anyone who can benefit from any of GDI’s services. These flyers can be hung in public places or handed out.

To take advantage of the Flyer, simply select color or black and white and print out on the paper color of your choice. Remember again that brighter color paper may attract more views. Next decide where you want to post the flyer or hand it out a public event.

Windshield Flyer

The small windshield flyer is perfect for sharing with someone on the go or someone you can reach directly. The small flyer can be left in the door of a neighbor or under a car windshield. Just be sure to be respectful or where you leave them.

To take advantage of the small flyer, print each sheet out on brightly colored, sturdy paper. Cut so that you have four individual flyers. Follow local laws for disseminating the flyers in your neighborhood.

Be mindful of location rules and regulations related to sharing flyers and hand outs. Please do not use your marketing kit materials to or overrun neighborhoods with your marketing materials.

Global Domains International for Stay-At-Home Parents

We talked recently about two groups of people who could really benefit from network marketing: entry level employees and those headed towards retirement. We ended our post asking you who you thought could really benefit from GDI and network marketing and you responded! So who did you think? Stay at home moms and dads. GDI is a great opportunity for anyone who stays home with the kids. Read on for why stay-at-home-parents should be using GDI.

Child Care Costs and Stay at Home Costs

For many of us, all day child care to go to work is an expensive option. Many parents opt to have one stay home with the kids and the house to offset the unaffordable cost of child care. But don’t look at staying home with the kids as a reason you can’t earn income. GDI is a option that can take just minutes a day to set up your .ws website and build your team. Take the time during nap time, or outside play time to work on building your downline and earn extra income. Anyone can be successful with GDI and earn Income for Life. If you’re already successful managing a household and raising kids full time, you can definitely manage your GDI opportunity and build income too!

Spare Time or Any Time

There is no doubt that though you’re not heading to a traditional workplace your days aren’t busy. We understand that days are filled with errands, housework, yard work, finances and raising your kids, that’s why GDI is the perfect opportunity. Network marketing and GDI is an opportunity that allows you to get out of it what you put in to it.

If you’ve got part time to give to GDI, you can earn part time income. If you just have a few hours a week, don’t get discouraged, take this time to set up your marketing plan and create a website with us displaying the powerful 7 Minute video and let GDI do the work for you. Though GDI’s great marketing tools can do a lot of work for you, they can’t do it all. Be sure to take some time each day or week to check in with GDI, grow your network and learn more through our webinars and blog.

Chance are, You’re Already Networking

You may be thinking it’s hard to network when you’re relegated to the house all day, but chances are you are already networking and coming into contact with many people like you who could benefit from GDI. While GDI marketing tools help your market online, marketing offline can be very beneficial too. Think of the other stay at home parents you meet with at play dates, chances are they’d be interested in earning extra income too. Always head to the grocery store and talk with the same cashier? Extra income might sound nice to him too. Think of the daily and weekly trips you take and who you come in contact with. Think of who might be underemployed or looking to make extra income, these are people who could be helping your build your team and generate Income for Life.