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Facebook Marketing Tips for 2014

If you’ve been on Facebook for more than a couple months, you know the most popular social media site is always changing. From layouts to how you interact with friends, Facebook is constantly adjusting some setting. This means that the way to market on Facebook needs to change often too. Here are two features you need to be aware of to make the most of your Facebook marketing efforts.FBhash

Hash tags (#)

Love them or hate them, hashtags aren’t just for Twitter anymore. You can now add a hashtag to your Facebook posts, which will change the phrase or word you hashtag into a clickable link. When someone clicks on the hashtagged word they will see a custom newsfeed with posts from others using the same hashtag (see right). You can do this yourself by simple adding the hastag symbol (#) in front of the word you would like to make to clickable.  This is a great feature to have your posts and Facebook page found by non-friends or connect with others.


You’ve probably noticed that images have gotten larger in your news feed. Facebook gives special attention to images these days and posts without them are easy to miss. Images are great because they capture attention and are very shareable. Friends are much more likely to share a post with an image than just text.  Try to add a relevant image to each link or post that you share on Facebook and watch engagement grow.

What Not to Do on Facebook

Facebook is a great tool for marketing online. It’s an easy way to connect with others, expand your network and identify friends who may be interested in growing their own business. Facebook gives you a lot of freedom, but if you’re using it to market, you need to be careful with this freedom. Here’s what not to do when you use Facebook to market your business.

Don’t link blast

Links are important, but they lose all meaning when you share the same ones over and over without any content. You can use Facebook to direct people to your site, but you need to do it the right way. This can be accomplished by sharing great information or an inviting tease. Posting something like “This one tip will help you grow your business, see it on my blog www.janesblog.ws” is much more inviting than just blasting www.janesblog.ws in every status update.

Don’t talk about yourself all the time

You want to share your business, but that can’t be all you talk about. Try to engage people by sharing helpful articles relevant to your industry and your own tips often. Supplement this with information and links to your business. This well rounded approach to marketing will keep your network tuned in and not overwhelmed.

Don’t target the wrong market

Who are you friends with on Facebook? This can change how you market. If you know your Facebook friends aren’t interested in new business, then it’s time to reach out to groups on Facebook or add new people to your network. Even the best marketing will fall flat if it’s aimed at the wrong audience.