Feb 102012

Duplication is a great system to build your team quickly. You may be wondering what duplication is and ways to use it other than team building, you can find our first post on it here. Duplication is simply a way of creating a system of marketing, education and networking that can be easily repeated to add members to your downline, and allow them to use this same system to add members to their downline. Building an educated team is the best use of the duplication system.

Create Your Own System

This may sound overwhelming, but it’s not. As you already know, GDI provides you all the tools you need to market and does much of the work for you, but it’s up to you to put in the extra work and effort to ensure your business succeeds. This may be creating videos, offering help to members outside of your team and just acting as a thought leader in network marketing. Try all of these steps to build your credibility, but to also convert friends and prospects to team members. Once you have found a system that works to build your downline, simplify it.

Share Your System

Once you have simplified your system, create a document or even a website that shares how you have succeeded. Share this document or website with your team members, allowing them to capitalize on your success and build their downline, in turn helping you. Their downline will learn the tricks of the trade and before you know it, you’re practicing duplication and your downline is growing thanks to your system and your team.

Dec 122011

What is Duplication?

When used in network marketing and GDI, duplication is a system in which you develop a marketing plan for the opportunity that can be easily and successfully replicated or duplicated by your team members. It should be a system that is easy to learn, easy to repeat and easy to share with your downline and team members.

Why is it so popular?

It is popular because it must be simple in order to be repeated and is and often tested and successful. Some top affiliates swear by duplication as it is easy to teach your team how to people successful and share this method again and again.

How do I build a duplication system?

First you need to find out a system that works. Ask yourself how have you been successful and how easy or difficult it might be to have this success again. Streamline your approach in a way that you can teach new team members the tools and advice they need to be as successful as you. As they succeed with your method and are able to train their downline, you will know you have created a successful duplication marketing system. If you are looking to join GDI, do your research into sponsors who can offer this easy training and duplication method.

Dec 072011

Building your business with GDI is a lot like many other businesses. You need to build connections, add great people to your team and work to making money each and every month. While it may be easy to compare GDI and network marketing to a sales job, this is not true in many ways. Not the least of which is marketing and selling with a script. Duplication is powerful when it comes to network marketing, but duplication doesn’t mean marketing and talking to each potential new team member in the same way. To be successful in building your team, you need to “ditch the script.” Here’s why:

Everyone joins GDI for their own reasons. Surely most people join because of the chance to make Income for Life, but the road that led everyone there is different. Following a specific script to get people to join your team can make you seem rigid, robotic and like your standard sales person, and who wants that? It’s OK to have a base of ideas to market to people and to talk with them about, but try to tailor those ideas to each individual you reach out to. Take the time to learn more about your prospects before telling them about yourself and your opportunity. After hearing their story, you will be better able to relate to them and explain why GDI is the perfect opportunity for them specifically.

So join a team that gives you the tools to duplicate their success, but take the time to put your own spin on your marketing strategy with each person you connect with. This personal touch won’t soon be forgotten.