Ditch the Script

Building your business with GDI is a lot like many other businesses. You need to build connections, add great people to your team and work to making money each and every month. While it may be easy to compare GDI and network marketing to a sales job, this is not true in many ways. Not the least of which is marketing and selling with a script. Duplication is powerful when it comes to network marketing, but duplication doesn’t mean marketing and talking to each potential new team member in the same way. To be successful in building your team, you need to “ditch the script.” Here’s why:

Everyone joins GDI for their own reasons. Surely most people join because of the chance to make Income for Life, but the road that led everyone there is different. Following a specific script to get people to join your team can make you seem rigid, robotic and like your standard sales person, and who wants that? It’s OK to have a base of ideas to market to people and to talk with them about, but try to tailor those ideas to each individual you reach out to. Take the time to learn more about your prospects before telling them about yourself and your opportunity. After hearing their story, you will be better able to relate to them and explain why GDI is the perfect opportunity for them specifically.

So join a team that gives you the tools to duplicate their success, but take the time to put your own spin on your marketing strategy with each person you connect with. This personal touch won’t soon be forgotten.

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