GDI Big Tippers Fourth and Final Entry Period Voting

Vote for your favorite entry. The top tip with the most voted will win $100. Click here for full contest rules.  Voting is from January 2nd-6th.

GDI Big Tippers Third Entry Period Voting -- Chose Your Favorite Tip!

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  1. A tip that I use to attract new members is to send those interested in joining to my alternate website which explains more information about the program like what GDI has to offer, processes they have to do, and how it can help them. –Tony Villarreal
  2. Here’s My TIP in growing your GDI business, since you need to invite others in order to earn commissions from GDI, focus on inviting at least 1 active member in your downline per month and teach your dowlines do the same. If you are able to implement this in your team, you and some of your team members will be in profit in 3 months. –Aaron Mecua
  3. I use something unique, I typically take NEW dollar bills, I want to bless some people. I take 10 dollar bills and tape my card and information to the back. All it says is “this is not the first dollar, nor the last dollar I’ll ever make in online marketing. Let me show you how. My name, my email and of course my domain. I randomly hand them out to whomever I’m led to, or looks like needs to have GDI. This is an amazing tool. Where else can you get the value of giving (mission based marketing) and online marketing all in one. When GDI warms your pockets…it’s easy to dig even deeper. Talk about a very kind gesture if it was a $5 or a $10. I’ve had so many great relationships built for marketing this way. -Lori Lawson Scott
  4.  As you do your marketing and advertizing, do your best to focus on actions that bring RESIDUAL benefits. For example, one great “cold call” might bring you one person, but one great bit of content might bring you dozens, hundreds, or thousands. –Keith Bless
  5. Assisting the team is very important, tell good thing about GDI facilitating member and peers. Especially how to help members live a better income that arises from GDI. Work with sincerity for the success of the team. -Cft ยัยตัวร้าย Jam

7 thoughts on “GDI Big Tippers Fourth and Final Entry Period Voting”

  1. A Sponsor who is alaways encouraging you and giving you new ideas and tips is absolutely vital for building a successful business! Thank you, Keith – I really appreciate you!

  2. You’re doing good work, Des! Keep me posted on your progress and please join us on The Bless Team in the GDI back office. (Look for the link that says GDI Team Bonus and search for us)

    Even though we’re in different lines of sponsorship, we CAN word together on this one. 🙂 You’re using a system that works and brings lasting results (in various ways) as you continue to grow and serve your list.

    It’s been a pleasure!

  3. 5 steps of success; 1. Research- diligently research the industry and product you plan to be affiliated with. 2. Plan- make a plan and stick to it. 3. Goal- set clearly defined goals. 4. Action- take action every day. 5. Repeat- repeat step #4 until you reach #3 by following #2 because you did #1. Pretty simple. Have a blessed day and don’t get caught up in the HYPE!

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