What’s in a Domain?

Is your domain name right for branding? Is your domain something you want to share? Will your domain name be something you want a few months or years in the future? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it might be time to change your domain name, or reconsider the one you want to create.

As we discussed above, your domain name is a powerful way to brand yourself or your business; it’s not a decision you should take lightly. Think of your domain name like a business name. This is something you want to hold onto, promote, and something that will represent you. Think wisely before you select your domain. Many users sign up with GDI and initially aren’t sure of what domain they should choose. If you have decided the domain name you already chose isn’t right for you, it’s not too late.

To Get Started:

To choose a new domain name contact our Support Team at 760-602-3000 or by email at support@website.ws. You can choose to cancel your current domain and purchase a new domain or simply add an additional domain name to your account. Many of our GDI users have multiple domain names for different reasons, whether they wish to have an additional business site, try out new techniques with one site and have a site dedicated to their GDI opportunity and one for personal use. Changing a domain name or adding an additional domain will not change your username.

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