Apr 032014

smBeing active and engaged on social media sites is important to your growth with GDI for two reasons. One, social media sites provide a powerful network to share your website, content and network, and two, GDI is very active on social media sites, making it a great resource to be connected with.

 To Get Started:

Create a profile and find us on the big sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. If you need help creating profiles on these sites, you can find tutorial videos in your Members Area under the GDI Tutorials tab.

Once you’re live on the big sites, network with others around you. Search for other affiliate marketers and engage in conversations with them. Retweet and encourage retweets by sharing great content. Post your opportunity on Facebook and join groups that share your interest. Include your .WS site in all of your profiles. On YouTube, consider making videos to promote your business and any unique insights you have. Share these videos on your site, your blog and your other social sites.

  3 Responses to “Get Active on Social Media to Build Your Network”

  1. NOTE: Don’t settle, or get stuck on just one social site. Have an AWESOME weekend! I really mean that too!

  2. Once again another wonderful tip from GDI ! Looking forward to more, and to add my input ! #sharingtogrow!

  3. Great info…Thank you!

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