Harnessing Trends: Working from Home

downlineA recent study found that more and more Americans are working from home. Currently, around 3 million people in the US alone are working from home, not counting the millions more around the world doing the same. With so many people comfortable working from home, it’s a great time to build and grow your online business. But how exactly do you take advantage of this trend to grow your downline and your business? First you need to identify people within your network who are working from home. This can be easy to do using search features in LinkedIn and Facebook. Next, connect with these people and share the benefits of an online business in addition to working from home. Here’s a few ideas to do this:

  1. No commute time. Working from home means no commute and no waiting in traffic, which can add hours to the day. Those hours one would spend commuting can now be spent building your business. A few hours a day is all it takes to start building Income for Life. Share with prospective downline members that extra time can mean extra income.
  2. A connected lifestyle. When working from home, one is always connected whether it’s through laptop or smart phone. People get used to doing much of their fulltime work, shopping, scheduling and leisure time online. Harness this connectivity. Tell prospects who work online all day to take their lunch break to learn more about GDI. Once they’re interested, that lunch break and a few hours before or after their telecommuting job is all the time they need to start building their own business.
  3. Open to opportunities. Some people work from home in a traditional 9-5 job where they telecommute, while others piece together freelance work, contract work and more. Identify the second group of people within your network. Chances are they could use extra income and are open to new opportunities in their down time. Explain how GDI can create residual income to keep them building their own business even when they’re between projects.

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