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There are thousands of people interested in and involved with GDI. This means there are a lot of people out there to work with, but you need to stand out. One powerful way to stand out is to create and market your own brand. This doesn’t mean you have to sink money into advertising, it means taking the steps to find your brand voice, share it, and encourage others to do so.

Here’s how to do it:

Find Your Voice

When you talk to prospective downline members or post on your WebSite are you authoritative or friendly? Warm or straight forward? Big picture or right now? These are all styles of presenting information that create your voice. Finding the voice that fits you is step one. Go through your past posts and emails and see how you communicate or ask a friend or family member what they think your communication style is. Is your style effective? Do people respond to it? If you answered yes, then go on to step two. If you answered no, it’s time to find a voice that engages people and shares information effectively.

Stay Consistent Across All Mediums

This is step two. Use this newly indentified brand voice through all communications including video, email, blog posts and the like. People will remember your voice and associate it with your brand. You’ll attract people who respond to your unique brand voice, helping to build your team with like minded people.

Empower Your Team

Name your brand to give it more power. Think of a name for your team or you as a sponsor. Consider creating a logo. Build a team you a strong team and use your logo and name. Team members will be happy to share it. People want to be part of something successful, so give them a name to put to your team and empower them to share it. Have team members join a branded Facebook group, share their success stories on social media, or add your team logo to the website. Empower others to get the most out of your team and your brand.

2 thoughts on “Create Your Brand”

  1. Thanks for your advice,
    i have one question, There is already Team GDI from indonesia,are they still Active on GDI?

    Can You give me a link addres TEAM GDI from indonesia if they still active on GDI?

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