GDI Around the World Contest

Around3Where do you work from? We want to know! The ability to work from anywhere is one of the many perks of being a GDI affiliate. In our newest GDI Around the World Contest, we’re asking you to share in photo form all the places you can work from.

Have a local landmark you want to show off? Snap a pic! Traveling somewhere exciting? Show off! At the local library building your business? Show us! Maybe you’re halfway across the world–we want to see!

We want you to print out your .WS banner from your Marketing Kit and snap a picture of it in front of places all over the world. We want you to show off just how many places you can work to build your business from. The favorite photo stands to win $50!

How It Works: We’re asking you to check out your GDI Marketing Kit and print out the .WS banner included. The banner already has your site name on it, all you need to do is print. Maybe even print multiples to have on you just in case you see somewhere that deserves a photo. The banner can be printed on standard letter sized paper.

Now take that banner and snap a picture with it and your spot in the world in the background. Have fun with this a get creative! Take a photo in front of a landmark in your town, that waterfall on vacation or even in front the Sphinx!

You can be in the photo or not, it’s up to you, but the banner must be in it and it needs to be clearly shown. This means getting close enough so that people can read the domain on the banner, but not so close that viewers can’t see where you are. Once you have your picture, create a board on Pinterest named “GDI Around the World” and post it there. When you’re done, share the link with us on Facebook or Twitter.

We will collect all submissions and share them on our GDICorporate board with the same name. The pins will now be up for a vote. The pin with the most likes will win $50 from GDI.

How You Win:

Step 1: Take a photo with your site banner in front of an awesome background. Be creative!

Step 2: Log in to Pinterest. If you don’t have an account, you can set one up easily through Facebook or Twitter at

Step 3: After you’ve logged in to Pinterest, create a new board named “GDI Around the World” and upload you photo to it. Title your photo with the landmark, town, state or country you’re in. Feel free to link the photo to your WebSite.

Step 4: Share the link to your new board with GDI on our Facebook page or tweet us. Use the hashtag#GDIAroundtheWorld if you’re using Twitter. We will collect all photos and share them at our “GDI Around the World” board at

Step 5: All qualified pins* will be up for a vote. Vote for your favorite “GDI Around the World” pin by clicking on the “Like” button above it. The pin with the most likes will win that GDI affiliates $50. GDI Corporate will also select an additional winner to win $50.

*We will not be accepting Photoshopped photos. We want to see you out in the world with your sign in real life. It only takes a moment to print!

*The submission period for pinned photos is April 15, 2013-May 31, 2013. We will select a winner after the final submission day.

*GDI reserves the right to refuse any pins. We want your pins to reflect places all over the world!

9 thoughts on “GDI Around the World Contest”

      1. aww….i just joined…now its late for me to organize a print out…better luck next time….lol

        1. You can create your own sign too! We will be accepting entries through the weekend. Good luck!

  1. This is fantastic. It shows affiliates how to create a valuable back link to their site. I understand the search engines like this kind of thing.

    Is that correct? Does this help affiliates create popularity with the search engines?

  2. I love talking about GDI in my hair salon. I have a great response from my clients. WHERE else can you start a business for just TEN bucks a month……….or wait you get to TRY IT FREE!! Have a awesome day!

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