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We have affiliates all over the world; in fact it’s in our name. That means we have affiliates speaking a slew of different languages. So how do you connect with other affiliates if you don’t speak the same language? What about sharing your WebSite with everyone? Or getting support from GDI? Luckily we have a few services and options that can help with that.


Many of our sites, like the GDI Affiliate Blog and our replicated sites, offer the option to translate text into any language. Simply look the top the page you are on for the box to select or change the language. Even better, GDI’s replicated sites that list the language as “automatic” will automatically show in the visitors set language.

Globally Network

You’ll notice has tabs with several different languages on them. This allows you to build your team with people who speak different languages with little hindrance. Simply direct people to where they can learn more in their own language.


We work hard to answer your questions in your language. Send an email to and we will respond no matter the language. You can also search the blog and translate posts to your native language. You can even find GDI teams who speak your language by searching within the new Team Bonus by primary language. Get support and connect in a way that is comfortable for you!

2 thoughts on “Language Support”

  1. Hi
    I am an affiliated member of gdi and your down line from more than a year,
    I dont have any downline now, I need help
    I shoul like to Know if there are Tutorials in spanish, or what can I do, I dont speak english very well
    Thank you.

    1. We offer support in Spanish at 760-602-3000 or via emails. We do not offer the tutorials spoken in Spanish, but YouTube offers subtitles if you select the CC button at the bottom of the video. Hope this helps!

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