What Next: Resources for Beginners

When you start any new endeavor, it’s easy to be overwhelmed.  At GDI we work hard to make sure our beginners don’t feel this way by providing numerous resources to help you get started and get acquainted with GDI. If you’re new to GDI or need a refresher, here are three important resources for you.


GDI has an extensive forum that has been around for several years. You can access it at www.Talk.ws or by clicking “Forums” inside your Members Area. The forums contain posts from other affiliates, both new and old. You can ask questions in an active topic or browse older topics to see if your question has already been answered. Make the forums part of your weekly routine to see what’s going on with other affiliates and get answers from people who have been there.


Our Facebook page is where you will find any news from GDI. We share blog posts, videos and updates almost daily on our page at www.facebook.com/globaldomainsinternational. But aside what we offer on Facebook, it’s a great place to see what other affiliates are up to. Many of our affiliates share links, personal successes and challenges and questions on the page. Our team works to quickly answer any questions on the Facebook page, as do many of our affiliates. You’ll find out who is willing to help you out and who might be great to work with in the future.

GDI Tutorials

We offer an extensive library of tutorial videos. From our biweekly video blogs to step by step videos, we’ve covered just about every topic you can imagine with video. If you’re wondering how to set up your blog, manage your plugins or build your team, we’ve got a video for that. We are building the library each day, so suggestions are always welcome. You can watch our videos within the Members Area>GDI Tutorial Videos or on your YouTube Page.

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