Changes to the Weekly Bonus Contest

After 10 years of success, we’re making some changes to our oldest bonus, the Weekly Superstars Bonus. The good news is that the changes will make it easier for more people to achieve the bonus and easier to get paid. Read below to learn how.

No More Premium or DVD Requirement

Affiliates are no longer required to purchase a DVD package or be an active Premium member to be eligible for the bonus. Now all active GDI affiliates will be eligible to win the bonus. Each and every active affiliate can now earn an unlimited number of $100 bonuses each week. Learn more about the rules of the contest here: Bonus Contest Details

Get Your Bonus Paid Out with Commissions

To make things easier for you, weekly bonuses will now be paid out with monthly commissions through your preferred commission method. If you aren’t sure what your preferred commission method is, log in to your Members Area and navigate to “Preferred Commission” to set it.

Premium Members Can Choose How They Get Paid

Premium members now have their choice of how their bonuses will be paid out. Premium members can chose to be paid immediately through PayPal or Payza or receive bonus payments in a lump sum with your monthly commissions.

Head to your Members Area now for more details.

8 thoughts on “Changes to the Weekly Bonus Contest”

  1. Is the Weekly bonus just a contest? Or its a bonus that i get for reffering 5 members weekly? Is there a probability that i wont receive my $100 bonus? Do i have to submit documents every time i want to receive this bonus?

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