The Beginner Checklist

You’ve just made the great decision of joining GDI and working to build income for life. What next? Here are 10 great ideas to take advantage of as a GDI beginner.

  1. Find out how to contact your upline. To confirm who your upline is, log in to your Members Area and select Upline in the left hand navigation. Here you can see who your upline members are and the ways you can contact them.
  2. Build a relationship with your upline. Now that you know how to contact your upline, take advantage of this. Build a relationship with your upline and ask for help as needed.
  3. Follow us on social media. We share great information, news and answers to your questions on our social media sites. For a list of where you can find us, click here.
  4. Know who to ask for help. With GDI, you’re never too far form live help. Reach out to and 760-602-6000 for technical issues. For other issues, feel free to ask us and your fellow affiliates for help on our social media sites. Don’t forget to reach out to your upline, they should be your first line of help as a beginner.
  5. Head to the forums. GDI has an expansive and long running forum at Here you can post new questions and topics and search for answers or just browse old threads for ideas.
  6. Select your site. Part of what makes GDI so powerful is the .WS domain, so make sure you use it! When you first sign up with GDI you should decide what kind of site you would like. Do you want to take advantage of our replicated sites, SiteBuilder, WordPress or hosting? You can always adjust this setting, too. Log into your Members Area to either DNS of Replicated Sites to select the service that is right for you.
  7. Consider blogging. Blogging is a great way to help build your business and show visitors that you’re committed. GDI offers blogging platforms with SiteBuilder and WordPress and allows you to host your already created blog with us.
  8. Share your site. Your website is only as powerful as the people viewing it, so get it out there! Share your site and opportunity on social networks, email friends and ask others to share.
  9. Step outside of your comfort zone. Don’t attack your friends and family with the opportunity. You need to step a bit out of your comfort zone to build new networks and get connected with others. Reach out to old coworkers, local small business owners and entrepreneurs. They might be interested in GDI and they might put you in contact with people in their network.
  10. Set goals. Set beginner goals, achievable goals and reach goals. Keep assessing and moving your goals. If you do not set goals, how can you be sure when you have been successful?

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  1. Thank you for “The Beginner Checklist” help! I can now click away with more As to lot of Qs I currently
    have as a GDI beginner.

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