Blogs and Affiliate Marketing

Blogs can be a great tool to share your opportunity, update your team, and help to educate prospects. Anyone can blog, but there are a few best practices to keep in mind for your blog.

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Post Often

Blogging gives you the chance to update content in a way that’s simple and doesn’t require you changing your whole website. Because of the ease of use, visitors expect blog posts to be updated on the regular and offer new content. Creating a posting schedule and sticking to it will keep visitors engaged and also show new visitors your dedication to your site and opportunity.

Post Your Own Content

Blogs provide a great platform to share videos and images created by others, but your unique content is what will keep visitors coming back. Take advantage of the “stage” your blog provides to share your own experiences and advice for affiliate marketing. Visitors will appreciate the unique content and come back for more.

Switch Up Your Posts

When you start blogging you need to be conscious of what people are and are not willing to read. Many people are put off by long blog posts and big blocks of text, so much so that they may leave your site. To avoid this, make sure your posts are short and to the point. You can also switch up your types of posts. This can mean breaking your posts in to list format, adding bullets or even posting a video blog every so often. Get creative!

Share, Share, Share!

Your blog is only as powerful as the people viewing it, so get it out there! Share your new posts on social networks, email friends and ask others to share. Don’t be afraid to ask visitors to share a post if they like it. The more shares, the more popular your blog and the bigger your network can grow.

Do you blog? What’s your #1 blogging tip?

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