Commenting and Guest Posts to Build SEO

Commenting and Guest Posts to Build SEO

Google now takes into account social interactions when it comes to searches and page rank. These social interactions can be anything from tweets to comments on a blog. This is good news for anyone hoping to increase their search engine optimization (SEO). Simply being active on social media sites and blogs can help you be found with a simple search. Take advantage of two easy ways to do this with blogging and websites.

Comment on Other Blogs

Commenting on other blogs has always helped to spread your site and name around in hopes someone will click your comment. Now with Google encouraging social sharing when it comes to search results, your comments also help to bump you and your site up in search results.

To reap this benefit, comment on blogs and sites often and try to comment on many different sites, but be sure to be relevant and really try to engage in conversation. Spam-like comments and link blasts are usually filtered or removed by blog owners, so be sure to stay on topic. After you comment, share on Twitter that you’ve commented to drive people back to it and increase hits and SEO for yourself.

Guest Posts

Guest posts are simply when you share a post on a blog or site that is not your own. They increase SEO by sharing you, your site and your contributions over multiple sites. They also create backlinks. Be sure to post under your name and list your website to ensure these posts will help your SEO. How do you get chance to get post? Take advantage of those comments you leave on blogs, if you follow a blog often and interact in the comments they may be open to you sharing a post on their site. You can also set up a guest post system within your team to help everyone benefit from the increase SEO.

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  1. I think social sharing is going to be the main type of SEO in the future. Your search position will be based on your amount of social shares.

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