Building Your Website for Beginners

Your .ws domain is a great opportunity to showcase your business and yourself by building your own website. Building your website doesn’t have to be hard and we offer two options to help you along. Find out which option works best for you and watch the tutorial video to help you get started.

Try SiteBuilder

If your .ws site is your first ever website, try using our SiteBuilder. The SiteBuilder has some very easy to use templates to get you started. SiteBuilder templates allow you to personalize them in a number of ways allowing you to add photos, contact forms and more. For a basic website or your very first site, SiteBuilder is the perfect choice.

Try WordPress

To be able to make an even more personalized website, try our WordPress offering. WordPress requires just a bit more website knowledge than SiteBuilder, but offers a ton of options. The benefits of our WordPress offering definitely make up for taking your time to learn a little more about creating a website. With WordPress you can use link your site with social media accounts, add plug-ins and widgets and have access to some great customizable themes. We have even more videos than the one below on WordPress. Check our tutorials section in the Members Area for more WordPress how-to’s.

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