Your Top Webinar Question from February 28th

We got some great basic questions this webinar, but one question stuck out in particular, so we are sharing it here. This question was answered live, to hear it visit: and scroll to the February 28th webinar.

Q: In the beginning, how do people overcome the problem of not having yet ‘made it’ using this program? I have no credibility yet for this program and can’t answer some basic questions. How do I address this?

A: It’s important that once you join with GDI you take the time to learn exactly how GDI works and how you can be successful. The best way to do this is to reach out to your upline. The GDI affiliate program works so that every new affiliate has a sponsor, or upline, above them. Ideally this person has been with GDI a good amount longer than you and has had some success. This is who you should reach out first with your questions about GDI and establishing credibility. Your upline should be able to offer you their tips for success and help you to duplicate it. This will help you to answer the basic questions people are asking you. If you are unsure who your upline is and how to contact them head to Members Area> Upline for this information.

Secondly, you can use your upline to establish credibility. Share why you signed up with them, their successes and how you are an important part of the team. Many GDI members make their own videos, blog posts and tutorials, see if you upline has these and ask if you can share them. You can also work to build your own credibility with videos. Simply share what you know. Maybe you’re still learning with GDI, but are a WordPress expert, share that information in a video. Any valuable information you can share via video will help to establish credibility and create a level of comfort for people considering GDI.

Lastly, if you have questions or are unsure of how to do certain things with GDI, like use the Inviter of get started with SiteBuilder, check out our Tutorials section in the Members Area. Simply login at and navigate Members Area>Tutorials. These videos work to show you step by step how to get started with GDI and many of it’s tools.

As always, come to our webinars and bring your questions (register: This question was actually answered live on air by one of our experienced affiliates. Join us to learn how to grow your business and get your questions answered live.

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