Beginners: Keep It Simple

If you’re new to GDI, you probably joined because of the money making potential and the simple model. While it is easy to forget this when you’re frustrated, the model for making Income for Life is simple, especially when you just start out. Three simple steps can help you get started and build your downline: share the 7 minute movie, follow up with everyone, share your site. Repeat these steps and stick with it.

Share the Video

The 7 Minute Movie compels many people to join GDI and start building their own business with us. The movie explains just how you can make money with GDI and the kind of information people want to know before they sign up. The movie is easily shareable and easy to understand. It’s a great tool to help people learn more about GDI and get them interesting in build Income for Life.

Follow Up

Your job doesn’t stop at just getting the movie in front of people. Once someone has watched the movie or you have shared a link to the movie with them, it’s important to follow up. Follow up can be a short email or even a phone call. Just be sure to make it personal and take the time to listen as well as share the value of GDI. If someone needs time to think things over, give them time, then follow up again.

Share Your Site

Your site is a powerful marketing tool and you can build it out anyway you like. You can add banners, contact forms and even the video to ensure people will learn what GDI is all about and know how to get in touch with you to learn more. Our replicated sites also give you the same ability to share GDI and the video, while giving people the chance to sign up with you as a sponsor.

Building your business with GDI is really that simple. Take the time to go through these steps and repeat as needed. As your business grows you can start getting creative with social media tools and more that we often share on the blog.

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