Q&A: Are There Any Good Ways to Generate Leads Offline?

In a world where online businesses are now king, it’s easy to forget that brick and mortar stores still have needs. To generate leads offline you need to get creative and think of the needs of those you are hoping to be your next leads.

As was mentioned in a recent webinar, take the example of your local pizza delivery place. They may or may not have a website, and they surely have a phone number. Most of their customers are probaly regulars. How can YOU and GDI get them more business. How about a website for them like orderpizza.ws? This alone will give them a leg up. Orderpizza.ws is surely easier to remember than a 10 digit phone number. This is just one example, but it will hopefully get your wheels turning for how you can generate offline leads. Be sure to share your ideas and experiences with this in the comments! Best of luck!

3 thoughts on “Q&A: Are There Any Good Ways to Generate Leads Offline?”

  1. Hello, hello, hello! So great to see that GDI has created an official blog. I really like the look and am excited to see what is in store for GDI affiliates world wide. Global Domains International, Inc. has really been stepping up so much the past couple of years and I have to say we all appreciate it so very much.

    And great, great post. There are so many great opportunities all around you. The pizza store idea is a great one and has worked for a number of us.

    The big thing is to step outside of the box and forget all this hub-bub about not talking to people offline. I hear it a lot in the online world and it really is unfortunate. Because there really are opportunities all around you.

    Another group you can consider is real estate agents. These are entrepreneurs and many do not have a personal website. As you drive the streets write down their number and give them a call. Speak to them about the advantages of promoting themselves and not just the business they represent.

    Also, many real estate agents are in trouble in the USA. Being entrepreneurs they will understand the need for additional streams of income. Through their careers they often will have amassed a great number of contacts and that puts them at a clear advantage in growing a business.

    Never be afraid to talk to people. Don’t be a salesperson. Just be yourself, be honest and forget being afraid or embarrassed. Keep your eyes open and never, ever give up.

    Thanks for the post! Looking forward to more! πŸ™‚

    Vincent Parker

  2. Excelente idea de parte de Global Domains International, no habia pensado en eso, pero es cierto, podemos ofrecerle nuestros servicios a los negocios locales.


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