For Beginners

What do I do now?

Now that you have joined GDI, it’s time to start networking and building your downline. To do this you need to have something to direct these potential team members to, that being your website. First decide what kind of site you would like to display at your domain. Would you like to use a simple replicated site to encourage people to learn more and join with your team, or take the time to create your own site with our tools like SiteBuilder and the WordPress plugin? Either way, when people sign up with GDI through your site, you will become their sponsor and they will become part of your downline. To follow up and see who is joining, navigate to your Members Area>Downline and learn more.

Who can help me?

Your upline should be your main source of help, but anyone can help you succeed with GDI. GDI follows the business model of network marketing which centers around a team and mutual success. Though someone may not be on your team, you will find other affiliates are always willing to offer help and advice. So connect with them on our Facebook, Twitter or But your upline should always be a source of help, just as you should help your downline. Joining with a knowledgeable sponsor is one of the great keys to success with GDI.

9 thoughts on “For Beginners”

  1. Hello,
    I join GDI for about 10 months, still no downline yet though i think have done proper promotion.
    Upline help?????
    I’ll work extra hard but if until 1 year still zero downline i quit, yeah maybe GDI is not for me!
    Thank you!
    Achmad K W

  2. People quit as fast as they join GDI or any network marketing business because recruiting is hard.

    The last thing people want to do is recruit during their free time. I agree you need the right sponsor or just someone willing to show you a method that’s working for them and others.

    Click my name to see if what I’m doing resonates with you!


  3. I m doing this frustration for 2 days and yet I dont have the downline. I did promoting your service to my hot markets, post on facebooks, twitter written a blog. The only missing is to have a massive traffic which means there are a lot of scam in internet and I don’t want to take the risk..

    I tried to contact my upline, No response yet. If I don’t get anything from you until 4 days. sorry to say I quit.

  4. I was with another company to promote, but just want to stay with you, so I need to change it. still new to this and want to know how change it.

    Also, is it worthwhile to pay to have someone advertise so that the domain address can be at the top of the search engines, or do you not suggest that and to use the free ones only?

    1. We recommend trying your luck with free services and marketing. Though if you have the funds and want to pay, you can try that as well. Many of our affiliates are very successful without spending extra money to promote.

  5. Hey guys iv been with gdi for around a year now and iv only just recently started making a few buks here and there, i have my site number 6 in google for the keyword make income online and the other keyword income online is ranked 16 in google. Im finding it very hard at the moment and if there is anybody that can help me bring in more traffic then it would be nice to hear from you.
    Im about to reedoo my site possibly friday to get it sorted.

    Does anyone no if my site is worth any money since its ranked fairly high?
    makeincomeonline DOT ws
    thanks guys
    good luck everyone

  6. Hey guys im back again and i just want to tell everyone, dont give up on gdi!! There is such a great opportunity for you and giving up wont help maby its just help you need? Or is it training? Iv been helping people now and i know what to do because i finially got the training from my upline dont give up.
    Sign through my site and i will give you help and full training!!
    Good luck guys

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