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5 Examples of Powerful Content

powerful content


Content marketing is one of the most popular forms of marketing used today. While it may seem like a new idea, content marketing has existed in one form or another for a long time. Content marketing simple refers to creating and sharing valuable content to attract new business and engage customers with your product or offering. You probably do this everyday by sharing anecdotes about your product in person. Using several easy tactics, you can take that content you’re sharing offline and take it to your website or blog to create powerful content marketing for your business. Read how.


If you’ve ever provided a service to a customer or sold a product, you have the opportunity to get some great testimonials. Think of your past customers or go through emails to find out who was truly satisfied by your product and services. Reach out to the people and ask if they will provide a short testimonial–a brief anecdote touting why the bought/ love/ use your product–and share it on your website. Testimonials are effective in the form of text, video, or even audio. Consider having satisfied customers send you a short voice memo from their smartphone and then share it on your site in the form a SoundCloud or other audio link.


Is there something your new customers should know about your product or service? Share it in the form of a video tutorial. Simply turn on your web camera or smartphone and show or explain to your customers how to use your products. Get the most out of your content by breaking up longer tutorials into shorter videos and sharing them over time. This will give visitors a reason to keep coming back to your website and will make it more rich with unique content offerings.

Industry Updates and News

What’s going on in your industry? What is the newest product from the competition or what new technology is available to you. Share this on your website to build out your content and to demonstrate to potential customers your knowledge of the industry. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on this content, you can search for industry news and then share a brief summary and link to the source with the full information.


As you click around the internet, you’ve probably consumed many listicles. Listicles are bits of content shared around the internet that come in list form. Think something you might see in sites like Buzzfeed, such as “21 Reasons You Know You’re Meant for Internet Marketing” or “15 Website Mistakes Everyone Makes.” This content is great for audiences and creators alike. These lists are easy to create, no need to for long drawn out paragraphs, and easy to consume online. Longer paragraphs turn off many readers, so ditch the long-form in favor of a listicle.

Variety of Media

No matter what content you decide to create–testimonials, tutorials, listicles or all three, share it a in a variety of media forms. Share audio, video, text, even GIFs in your content. You can even break up things like listicles with great video content. The more variety you can add to your site, the more interest and eyes you will get to and keep on your website.

Content marketing doesn’t have to be intimidating. Thinking about the stories you can tell about your business and sharing them to engage more customers makes for very powerful content.


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3 Traditional Marketing Techniques That Still Make Sense Today

Traditional Marketing techniques

The best tactics for marketing a product or business seem to change everyday thanks to the internet and our constantly connected world. It can be overwhelming trying to keep up to date on all the new marketing trends and platforms you should be using. Though daunting, it is wise to stay up to date on marketing trends, but you can relax knowing that some long-used marketing tactics are still powerful and necessary today as ever. Read on for a few traditional marketing techniques that are still effective in our increasingly digital world.

Networking Events

Believe it or not, there are still some people who are successful in their business but aren’t on Facebook. Maybe they have a social media presence, but it’s run by someone else. The point is, some successful business people aren’t online as often as you, and that means if you do all of your marketing and network building online you’re missing them. Even if you connect with some people online, nothing can replace the power of building a relationship face to face.

Networking events are great for two reasons: you can build strong relationships in person and you can connect with people you may have never found online. Where can you find networking events? Check with your Chamber of Commerce to find out about networking events in your hometown, or search sites like or to find these kind of events near you. Conferences are also a great way to network. Conferences often feature talks during the day and networking opportunities during lunch or cocktail hour. Search for a conference related to your industry to learn new things and connect with new people. After you’ve done all this, how do you ensure you’ve built a solid connection with someone and they can reach out again? Business cards.

Business Cards

Business cards are not outdated, despite the best efforts on online resume and networking sites like LinkedIn. Though you can connect online easily with your smartphone, it’s still easier and more tangible to have and handout business cards. Have cards on you at all times, networking events are important, but you never know when you might strike up a conversation with a potential customer and team member at the mechanic or salon. Share your business cards to keep these connections.

Going for Coffee

Don’t worry if you don’t drink coffee. Going for coffee with a potential customer is just a great chance to connect and share ideas and see how you can help them. If you’re trying to seal the deal with someone in your area, consider taking them out for coffee instead of following up on the phone. Conversely, this is a great first step in marketing and networking. Reach out to someone you’d like to learn more from or have join your team and ask if you can take them out for coffee. Few people will turn down a free cappuccino and now you have a great chance to build a new business relationship.

Word of Mouth

Sites like Yelp, Google+ and Foursquare offer the digital equivalent of the most powerful form of marketing there is: Word of mouth marketing. Word of mouth marketing is when someone recommends their favorite business with nothing to gain from it. You then consider this business because you trust that friend. That’s why it’s so powerful; you already have a relationship with the friend who frequents a business so now you’re one step closer to choosing that business. But how do you build word of mouth marketing? Providing excellent service is one way. Many customers will share your business if they’re happy. Offering incentives like referral discounts for new customers can also help. Lastly, if you’re customers express to you that they’re happy, ask them to share the positive sentiment with their friends. You never know what you can get just by asking.

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Identifying Your Marketing Niche

Identifying your marketing niche BL


We’ve talked many times about marketing being a key to success with GDI. Marketing is how other people learn about GDI, your website and your affiliate marketing opportunity. You see marketing everywhere from your feeds on Facebook and Twitter to emails in your inbox. While you can learn a lot about marketing from what others are doing, it is important to have your own style for marketing and feel comfortable with the content you are producing. One way to define this style and level of comfort is to find your niche. Your “niche” is your little corner of marketing expertise where you are different from others and have something unique to offer. Read on for the four ways to find your marketing niche.

Your Expertise

What are you an expert in? What skills do you have that others could benefit from. Your expertise could be in a “hard” skill like website design, or in a soft skill like connecting with people/ Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what you’re best at, so ask your colleagues and your downline and upline members what they think you excel at. Once you know your expertise, use this in your marketing material.  If it is web design, focus on your abilities in that in your marketing materials. People who want to know more about web design will be inclined to learn more.

If your expertise is in a soft skill like connecting with people, use that to your advantage in your marketing by reaching out to people directly. You won’t advertise this skill like you would web design, but you will use it to your advantage by developing relationships with prospective downline members. Do this by reaching out via email, phone or in person and sharing more about GDI or your business.

Your Schedule

The amount of time you have for your website and GDI can affect your marketing style. If you don’t have much time to devote to GDI or your website, consider creating marketing materials that are evergreen. This means that if someone accesses your material today or a year from now, they can benefit and want to learn more. Blog content is an easy way to create evergreen content. Consider a blog post about the top reasons to join GDI or a collections of the lessons you have learned as an affiliate. This is content that will always be useful to people interested in GDI. Create these posts and make them easily available on your website or email them to downline prospects.

Your Communication Style

Are you a great writer or are you much more charismatic on video? Consider your communication style when deciding what marketing material to create. Don’t force yourself to create videos if you hate the camera and poorly written marketing materials won’t do you any good. This is another good space to ask for feedback from your colleagues and team. What do they think you excel at? Consider taking an online class or watching tutorials to improve your communication style in video or writing.

Your Brand

Your online presence and affiliate opportunity is your brand, what do you want it to say about you. Some brand identities for marketers might be the top affiliate on the leaderboard or the most responsive upline member. Consider what you want your brand to be and create marketing materials around it.


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