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Content Marketing: Clickworthy Headlines

newsIf you were on Facebook this week, chances are you saw a blog post titled “Marriage Isn’t for You” being shared around. This article had an attention grabbing title and a relatable topic causing many people to click. If you did click, you found out that the headline is a bit misleading. It wasn’t an article about someone’s choice not to marry, but rather why they believe marriage is about the other person. The author didn’t do this on accident. He knew an essential aspect of getting your content read and shared is how you title and share it and he knew just how to do it. While GDI has nothing to do with marriage, this post is a great example to learn from.  Here are a few more ways to title your content to get seen and get shared.

Mislead (just a little). The example above insinuates a scandalous topic, but the article is really about just the opposite. Find a clever way to announce your post or site that grabs people’s attention, even if your content takes a different approach than the headline.

Highlight a bad review. Ever get a bad review or comment you think was unfair? Share it. People are dying to know who said what about whom, so share it. Address the issue in your content but use the bad review to lead people in.

Tease. If you know you’ve got a great post on your hands, save it for a few days. Tease social media with info about your upcoming post or WebSite creating buzz for when it finally goes live.

Make a promise. It doesn’t have to be a money backed guarantee but something like “We promise you’ll learn something new on our site” is enough to drag some people in. Get creative and share.