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How To Make the Best Use of Video for Marketing

How to make the best use of video for marketing

Videos can help support your website in a way that text and photos cannot. Videos can share your story in easy to understand words and build the conversation with potential customers. These videos do not require a whole production team, they can be easily created with a screen-recording program or your own webcam.

What kind of video should you include on your website and what benefits do they offer? Read on for a few different ways to make the best use of video for marketing purposes.


  1. What: Tutorials are how-to videos on a variety of subjects.  GDI offers a whole channel full of tutorials that helps members  build their website, understand how GDI works, and more.
  2. How Tutorials Are Used: Videos you offer may cover some of these same subjects that GDI tutorials do, but try to offer your own expertise. Maybe you figured out a quick trick to use SiteBuilder faster–create a video about this and share it with others. Consider creating videos that explain GDI from your point of view or discuss specific steps you have taken to be a successful GDI affiliate.
  3. Benefits: Tutorials help to create a more educated downline and more successful team. It directly benefits you to have a downline that is educated and successful. Creating videos that share your expertise will also encourage people to join your downline. Potential downline members will see  you as supportive and educated, just what many people are looking for in a sponsor. Tutorial-style videos will help you to acquire and retain downline members.


  1. What: Testimonials are short videos that share success stories and support the vision of GDI. GDI offers a series of testimonials on their website you can see HERE.
  2. How Testimonials Are Used: Testimonials share first-hand stories of success with GDI or your business. This tells potential customers that GDI or your business is legitimate and others have had success with it. Reach out to your downline members to help you create these videos. Include these videos on a special section of your website or add them in promotional materials.
  3. Benefits: Confidence in your company. These videos give potential customers the chance to learn about your business from others who have succeeded.

Linked Videos

  1. What: Linked videos created by others that benefit your website but you don’t have to create yourself. This could be you linking to a GDI video or a WordPress tutorial created by someone else.
  2. How Linked Videos Are Used: These are a great way to break up text on your website or in blog posts without taking them time to create your own. Include these videos where they will support your text, but do not pass them off as your own.
  3. Benefits: These videos keep visitors interested in your website and help to explain a concept. You are free to embed videos from sites like YouTube, but do not pass them as your own content or use them too often.


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