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Targeted Traffic

One way to help build your downline is to ensure the traffic that your site is getting is targeted. While growing numbers of visits to your page are great on their own, you want these visits to convert to people signing up with your team. The best way to do this is to ensure those people visiting your site are targeted. This means they have an interest in what is on your site and want to not only visit your site but browse and return. Read on for our tips to help you gain some targeted traffic.


To get people to stay on your site, share or return, there needs to be a consistent schedule for updating your site. This is true whether you have your site set up mainly as a blog or just a simple website. Visitors have a desire to know the most up to date information on your team and GDI, but also that there is someone actively working on this page. Decide on an update schedule that works for you, like once every week or every 3 days and stick to it. Visitors will see an active page and be more inclined to come back and learn more.

Write for Your Audience

This is a tip that can be used for any website. Write for who you want to visit the site. Looking for engaged, energized new team members? Make you writing mirror this energy. If you’re looking for people new to the world of network marketing just trying to understand before they join, write for them. It’s a truly simple tip that can make a world of difference.

Participate in Discussions

We talked recently about building your online identity and reputation and this tip follows that. Take the time to participate in forums and comment thoughtfully on blogs and websites other than your own. When done well these comments and posts may drive people to your site looking to learn more about what you have to say.

Write Short to Keep Attention

When it comes to reading information online, people tend to have a short attention span. Think of how often you get distracted while checking out a site! Cater to this with short posts or posts that are broken up will smaller paragraphs or bullets. When people make their way to your site, you want them to stay on, stay interested and convert, and too much text can be too intimidating for this to happen.

How to you gain targeted traffic?