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Three Traditional Marketing Tips to Use for Network Marketing

Use Social Bookmarking Sites

As you may have noticed, beneath each post on this blog there area a few counters and logos for sites. The Affiliate Blog uses the Share This tool to easily let any of our readers share our blog posts easily on Facebook, Twitter, through email or through social bookmarking sites. If you aren’t familiar with social bookmarking sites, they are a lot like their name implies. Social bookmarking sites allow you to create an account and profile so that you can favorite or bookmark any links you want, these favorite links then become part of the profile you have created with these sites, and people can browse your profile for links. Your favorite links are also shared in a feed for anyone one to stumble upon. You can use social bookmarking sites to bookmark your own important blog posts and encourage your visitors to do so too. This is great for SEO and just sharing your site in every way possible.

Create Content Ahead of Time

As we’ve shared in past posts, a great way to increase SEO and your visitor base is to ensure you always have fresh content. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you visit your website and realize you need to update it and write something right NOW. But instead of getting in moments of panic, create content ahead of time and create a schedule. If you have WordPress you can even schedule your posts to be published on specific dates in the future. You site is going to look more viable when your content is new and relevant to your readers.

Explain Things Simply

The GDI opportunity may be simple to you, but remember that people visiting your site might not quite understand it yet and need a little guidance. This is where it is ok to be very simple and straight forward in your writing. Explain the GDI opportunity to your site visitors and why it is important to them. Be clear and concise to help answer some of their first questions. Bullet points, images and personal success stories can help to make your point as well. The better you explain the opportunity and benefits, the better chances you have to succeed with GDI.

SEO Tips for Your GDI Sites

S-E-O are three letters we hear all the time when talking about websites, but what do they mean? How do I do it for my site? First off, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization basically means increasing the chances of your site coming up in search engines with the help of best practices. Read on for some of these best practices for your GDI Sites. These tips can apply specifically to WordPress sites or be tweaked for your site created using whichever platform you like.


When adding your first post to a WordPress site and after you have added text to the title box, you will see an option below it with your posts permalink. This is a link that will always take you directly to this post. There is a button to the permalink that labeled “change permalinks.” Click it. When you click this button it gives you the option to choose how your permalinks are displayed. For search engine optimization (SEO) reasons, you do not want your post permalink to be www.blog.yoursite.ws/123. This will hinder search engines from finding the post. You should select any option you like where your title will show in the permalink such as www.blog.yoursite.ws/make-money-with-gdi. You can also access the permalinks options in Settings>Permalinks.

SEO Plugins

We went over the benefits of plugins in this post, and shared that there are plugins for nearly everything you need. Well, SEO is no exception. You can search in the plugin database for SEO tools or Google “Popular WordPress SEO tools” to see some great options with user reviews. Plugins like the All in One SEO Pack have a ton of customizable options for someone who wants to take the time to optimize each post in every way. For more hands off approach, try something like SEO Smart Links that will automatically link posts with in your blog when relevant keywords are used. The more links you have to your site and within your site, the better your SEO.

Tags for SEO, Categories for Navigation

You will notice that each blog post allows you to add tags and categories. Tags are great for SEO. You want your tags to be keywords that are used often though out the post and that are great for SEO and keyword searches. Rank possible keywords against each other with the help of Google’s Keyword tool to ensure your chosen tags is popular search term. You want your keywords to be words and phrases that are searched often.

Categories are helpful for when you do get visitors from search engines. Categories should be basic descriptors for posts that can be used over and over. A category like “advice” will help someone navigate your page and keep all posts that fall into that category in one easy to navigate page.

Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking sites are used to manage, favorite and share sites and content. These sites are also used to be directed to content you may like, based on the categories you select when signing up. As such, these sites are great to share your own content, in the hopes that someone else might see it when browsing their suggested sites and links. Sites like Digg, Delicious and even Pinterest allow you to share content and allow other users to find it based on topics they have an interest in. People can come across you blog post as they browse category content and when they click for the full post they will be brought to your site. Social Bookmarking can both drive traffic to your site, and increase your SEO with inbound links.

This is hardly a full list of SEO tips, so stay posted to the blog for more. Share some of your tips in the comments!