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Pushbacks and How to Respond

I Went Through My Personal Network and Have No One Left to Contact

If you want to succeed in any kind of business, you need to be creative and be able to work through the tough times This push back calls for you to get creative. So you’ve gone through your already established, network, so what!? GDI is about creating new networks and connections so come up with some creative methods to attract new people and try some of ours.

LinkedIn: Connect with anyone you have ever done business with and search for more people in network marketing, affiliate marketing or internet marketing, this is your key demographic for building your network. Search for groups on these topics as well and network online!

Twitter: Search for #networkmarketing and network marketing within tweets and profiles, these are people who understand the industry and may be looking for their next big opportunity.

Local Business and Networking Events: In a tough economy, these events seems pretty common as everyone is trying to get insight into a new business venture or build their network. Attend these events, talk to people and be honest about your experiences and motives. You have a business opportunity to share, treat it as such.

I Don’t Want to Commit

No matter how big or small, any type of time of financial commitment can be scary to a new prospect. If you have someone who is really pushing back we recommend:

Gift Cards: GDI gift cards allow you to give the gift of GDI to anyone who needs a domain, or in this case, wants to get started with GDI, but isn’t ready to commit. The gift cards can be given for 1, 3, or 6 months. Be sure to follow up often with people who receive gift cards!

The 7 Day Free Trial: Our huge marketing tool is still just as effective. Why not give people the chance to get their feet wet with GDI for 7 days and then decide? Be sure to inform these people of all GDI has to offer and even “show them around” with your own videos or our GDI Tutorials.

Isn’t This a Pyramid Scheme?

People often say this when referring to the structure of network marketing. However, network marketing is much like any other business.  GDI operates with one person at the top, much like a CEO, and that’s you! This “pyramid” then expands to levels of others underneath him, much like employees. And those who get in early make the most money.

The only difference between a network marketing model and the standard corporate structure of any business today is that YOU are your own CEO. You start at the top and build down, helping others do the same.