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Why You Should Still Consider Becoming a Premium Affiliate

premium affiliateWe talked about the benefits of being a basic affiliate on Wednesday, now it’s time to talk about the benefits of GDI’s Premium offering. Our Premium offering is for those affiliates who want more form their products and services and the chance to make more money. The best parts of being a Premium affiliate are listed below. Find out if it’s right for you or your downline.

Premium Commissions

The biggest draw of Premium is the chance to earn even bigger commissions. With Premium, GDI will pay out 75% of the revenue from Premium customers. That means 4 to 14 times larger commissions on GDI Premium customers in your five level downline.

Daily Ticket in GDI Lottery

If you follow us on Twitter, chances are you’ve seen our daily announcement of the winners of the GDI Premium Lottery. Winners receive new trial signups who do not yet have a sponsor. We select three winners daily. This means more downline building potential without any extra work.

Domain Privacy

Who doesn’t want more privacy online? Domain privacy prevents your personal information from displaying in the public whois. The law requires accurate and verifiable whois information for your domain at all times. GDI changes the information to our own, while you still retain ownership of the domain. This service is free with your Premium status.

Increased Storage     

Your SiteBuilder Gallery, Webmail, and Hosting all have increased storage with your Premium upgrade. This includes 50 email addresses (as opposed to 10 with basic) and 5GB of storage for your GDI email. SiteBuilder storage increases from 100MB to 1GB and hosting storage also increases from 100MB to 1GB. If storage is a priority, Premium is right for you.

The Top Five Benefits of Upgrading to Premium

Bigger pay outs, more chances to win and upgraded tools. Going premium with GDI has many benefits, so we share what we think are the top five benefits. Log in to your Members Area today to upgrade to our premium offering.

1. Premium Commissions- Probably the biggest reason people switch to premium is bigger payouts!

Premium commissions means that you get paid out as follows:
GDI Premium Affiliate on your 1 Level: $15/per month
GDI Premium Affiliate on your 2 Level: $5/per month
GDI Premium Affiliate on your 3 Level: $5/per month
GDI Premium Affiliate on your 4 Level: $5/per month
GDI Premium Affiliate on your 15Level: $5/per month

2. The Weekly Bonus Superstar- As premium user, your have the chance to earn an unlimited number of $100 bonuses each week by referring 5 new confirmed affiliates in a 7 day contest period. If you refer 25 paid affiliates in one week you will earn $500! Your account must also be paid and in good standing to qualify.

3. Contact Inviter 2.0- This form of the inviter will automatically import all your contacts from the email address you select, allowing you to send invites to your whole network with just a few clicks of the mouse.

4. Hit Logs- GDI will provide you with information on the people visiting your replicated sites so you can understand what kind of traffic you are getting and how effective your different marketing initiatives are.

5. Daily Ticket in GDI lottery- Three winners are selected from our premium affiliates daily giving these winners new trial signups who do not yet have an affiliate.