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Premium Affiliate Membership Commissions, Lottery, and Bonuses

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If you frequent GDI’s website or follow us on Twitter, you will often see us mention Premium sign up lottery winners. These sound great, but what are they? How do you take advantage of them? Read on to learn how you can enter into this lottery and learn about other highlights of GDI’s premium membership.

Going Premium

GDI offers two affiliate memberships, Basic and Premium. With a Basic membership, you are a member of GDI and can build out your .WS domain, take advantage of our built-in tools and earn commissions on referring others to GDI. With a Premium membership, you get these same benefits and much more.


For $40 per month, Premium members can earn premium commissions, meaning they are paid out $15 on their first level and $5 each level down after that.This means your small monthly investment of $40 offers you better products, but also the opportunity to quickly earn income.

Premium Tools

You get access to the same great tools basic members get, but also gain access to tools like GDI’s hit logs, which allow you to learn more about the traffic coming to your site. Your tools also include our Inviter 2.0. This Inviter has an even easier-to-use interface than the classic Inviter and allows you to email a large number of contacts imported from a number of sites, like Gmail and Yahoo. Lastly, Premium offers you a chance at the Premium Lottery and improved bonuses, not available with basic memberships.

Premium Lottery

How great would it be to be entered into a lottery everyday without ever having to buy a ticket? Well thats how GDI’s Daily Premium Lottery works. Each day, three Premium GDI affiliates are randomly selected as winners. These winners will receive new trial signups who do not yet have sponsors. This is a great chance to build your downline and convert a trial signup to a new GDI affiliate. These signups are already interested in GDI, and, as lottery winner, you would have the opportunity to work with them and become their sponsor.

Other Bonuses

As a Premium member, you can participate in any one of our bonus contests, or all of them! All GDI affiliates can work toward the Weekly Superstar Bonus, which rewards you with a bonus $100 for referring five (5) new affiliates in seven (7) days. When you earn this bonus as a Premium affiliate, you don’t have to wait for your monthly commissions, you can choose to be paid out immediately with PayPal or Payza.

GDI’s Team Bonus is also open to all levels of affiliates, but Premium users and premium signups can increase your bonus using multipliers. Check the full rules to see how you can earn and even larger team bonus by converting Premium affiliates.

Believe it or not, these are just some highlights from GDI’s Premium membership. Visit your Members Area and navigate to GDI Premium to see every benefit and service offered to Premium affiliates.


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Why You Should Still Consider Becoming a Premium Affiliate

premium affiliateWe talked about the benefits of being a basic affiliate on Wednesday, now it’s time to talk about the benefits of GDI’s Premium offering. Our Premium offering is for those affiliates who want more form their products and services and the chance to make more money. The best parts of being a Premium affiliate are listed below. Find out if it’s right for you or your downline.

Premium Commissions

The biggest draw of Premium is the chance to earn even bigger commissions. With Premium, GDI will pay out 75% of the revenue from Premium customers. That means 4 to 14 times larger commissions on GDI Premium customers in your five level downline.

Daily Ticket in GDI Lottery

If you follow us on Twitter, chances are you’ve seen our daily announcement of the winners of the GDI Premium Lottery. Winners receive new trial signups who do not yet have a sponsor. We select three winners daily. This means more downline building potential without any extra work.

Domain Privacy

Who doesn’t want more privacy online? Domain privacy prevents your personal information from displaying in the public whois. The law requires accurate and verifiable whois information for your domain at all times. GDI changes the information to our own, while you still retain ownership of the domain. This service is free with your Premium status.

Increased Storage     

Your SiteBuilder Gallery, Webmail, and Hosting all have increased storage with your Premium upgrade. This includes 50 email addresses (as opposed to 10 with basic) and 5GB of storage for your GDI email. SiteBuilder storage increases from 100MB to 1GB and hosting storage also increases from 100MB to 1GB. If storage is a priority, Premium is right for you.