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Weekly Bonuses and the GDI Lottery Explained

GDI’s Premium service is a great way to get enhanced tools and a chance to make more money than with a basic membership. We’ve spelled out what is included in premium in this post, but wanted to go a little bit deeper into the most fun aspects of premium. There are the guarantees like Inviter 2.0, 3 for 1 gift cards and more domains and then there are the contests and bonuses that each premium member has the chance to win at any given time. These contests and bonus systems are put in the place to keep your working hard and reward you for your hard work, with a little luck and fun mixed in. Read on for more on the Weekly Bonuses and the Daily Lottery.

To make the most out of GDI, become a weekly bonus superstar. As premium user, you have the chance to earn of $100 bonuses each week by becoming a bonus superstar. You can do this by referring five new confirmed affiliates in a seven day contest period. This contest runs each and every week, and you can win as many times as you qualify, no limits! If you go as far as to refer 25 paid affiliate in one week, the rewards keep coming and you will earn and $500 for the weekly bonus contest! How is that for an incentive? Just make sure your account is up to date with payments and in good standing to qualify for this awesome weekly bonus contest.

You may have noticed the winners we announce daily on our Twitter page. These people are the winners of our daily premium lottery. Three winners are randomly selected from our premium affiliates daily giving these winners new trial signups who do not yet have an affiliate sponsor. What could be better than qualified leads with out having to do the leg work or pay big bucks for them? And this lottery happens every single day, upping your chance to win. Upgrade to premium for your chance to win!

What was the tipping point that made you upgrade to premium? Share in the comments below.