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How to Avoid Web Design Pitfalls

avoid web design pitfalls

When used right, your website is your number one marketing tool. It can be your space for others to learn more about GDI, affiliate marketing and who you are. Your website gives people the chance to see what can be done with GDI’s site building tools and plugins. Creating a clean, easy to navigate website can be simple, but there are also many pitfalls to look out for. Read on for how to avoid some of the most common website pitfalls.

Poor Quality Images

Images are essential to a visually interesting website, but the wrong images can drive your traffic away. Always test images on your website before adding them and publishing your site. Images may look OK in the preview, but blurry on your website. It’s not necessary to use high resolution images on your website as these can take up lots of space. Just make sure your image looks clear and sized properly for your site.

Poor Navigation

GDI offers WordPress and SiteBuilder to help you build your website. These services come with themes that include easy navigation and menu building for a reason–good menus are an important feature of a successful website. If you want people to visit many pages on your site, you need to make it easy for them. Menus necessary to navigate your site should be at the top or side of the page so they are easy to see. Make sure every page on your website can be accessed from these menus.

No Linkbacks

Direct traffic to your website is important, but in this highly connected digital world much of your traffic will come from referrals. Referrals are website visits that come from outside sources and pages. You can gain referral traffic by sharing your website on social media or working with other affiliates to share links. Linkbacks to your website helps to verify it through search engines and appear higher in search results.

No Goal Conversion

What do you want people to do when they visit your website? Fill out a contact form? Sign up for a newsletter? What you want people to do on your website should dictate how you build it and how it is designed. Always keep your end goal in mind and make sure website visitors can accomplish it with just a few clicks if needed.

Too Many Distractions

It’s easy to get wrapped up in adding fun things to your website like GIFs, photos, and animations, but use these things sparingly. Too many distractions can make your website seem unprofessional or make it difficult for people to accomplish what you want them to on your site. Use images where it is necessary to explain a concept or break up text. Use GIFs and animation only when they can help your business, like GDI’s animated banners that link to your signup page.

Grammar, Spelling

Nothing makes a website seem unprofessional quite like a spelling mistake or typo. Though these mistakes are simply accidents, it can make it seem like your are careless. Proofread your website frequently and anytime you add new content. Copy all the text from your website and run it through a spell check. If you can, have a friend proofread your website any time you update it.


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Twitter Tips for Affiliate Marketing

Twitter is great to get to the point and get your message and your news out there. Many affiliates are very active on Twitter and it is exceptional for connecting with others in the world of network marketing.

What it’s good for

Twitter is great for updating your followers on new blog posts, important news and trends in network marketing and connecting with anyone and everyone quickly and simply.

How it’s unique

Twitter is very accessible. Twitter’s sign up process take about 5 minutes. You can start posting right away and can easily create multiple accounts as needed. You can tailor who you want to follow based on their interests and tweets and can get into conversations with anyone regardless of if you’re following each other or not.

Ways to use it

Use your Twitter account as a way to supplement other networking and marketing tactics, though a powerful medium, not everyone is on Twitter. You can use Twitter to build your network by searching by key words related to GDI, network and affiliate marketing and your team in general. Search hot topics in network marketing and GDI and add your comments on the subject them with a hash tag (#). Your comments will then come up in a feed, giving others access to your thoughts and the option to follow you.