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Interview with a Top GDI Affiliate: Tim Sebert

Tim Sebert is another name you may recognize from our webinars, or just from frequently being on the GDI Leader Board. Tim and his wife Teresa are some of GDI’s top producers. We recently contacted them to get their story and also some tips and advice that have been keeping them successful with GDI for nearly 7 years. Read on for Tim and Teresa’s story and stay tuned for our next post with some of Tim and Teresa’s best advice.

How did you get started with Global Domains International?

Teresa and I got started with GDI both “Dead Broke” and “out of necessity.” Dead broke in the fact that we were 4 months behind on our mortgage, 3 months behind on our car payment and we had over $200,000 in hospital bills due to the birth of our daughter 1 1/2 years prior to joining GDI. We had no health insurance and she was born with 3 holes in her heart and Down Syndrome! So you can say we had to find a business that would give us a chance to “dig out
of the mess we were in” It was pretty much the only company we found that was both “Global” and “affordable,” we actually had to borrow the $10 to get started and when we did, we new this would have to be our last beginning. Our daughter depended on it.

How has Global Domains International changed your day to day life?

We FINALLY own ourselves! We work when we want, we play when we want, we travel when we want to…No “BOSS” tells us anything! We are now growing together as a family instead of staying apart just to make ends meet!

When did the Global Domains International opportunity start to change you life and your income?

Because of the GDI BONUS contests, we were able to make enough money our first month to catch up all of our bills while building an incredible, life-changing Residual Monthly Income, one that “Goes” and “Grows” every month! So the weekly bonus income is that “bridge” income that takes care of today’s bills while the residual monthly income  builds our dreams and the future for our now 7 1/2 year old daughter, Bobbie.

Now it’s your turn. When and Why did you get started with GDI? What was your tipping point?

What’s on Your Mind: Motivational Thoughts for a Successful Business

If you follow us on Twitter, you may have noticed that we often tweet inspirational quotes. Inspiration and a positive outlook are keys to creating your own successful outcome. Bart Dangerfield shared his thoughts on that idea below.

Here’s some of the greatest things I love about this industry of ours, network marketing:

  • You can work it either part time or full time … you get to choose
  • There are GREAT tax advantages from running your own business … and with GDI, the cost is only $10 / month
  • Ordinary people are given the opportunity to earn an extraordinary income
  • The personal growth and development that benefits every aspect of your life

It’s this last point I’ve been pondering a lot lately. It’s fascinating to me how many people run around with “stinkin’ thinkin’” coursing through their minds without realizing that their negative thoughts have a powerful impact on the world around them. They have absolutely no clue that what goes on between their ears actually creates and shapes their circumstances. How could it not? A positive attitude and outlook benefit every aspect of your life, including the way you conduct business.

So, for your “thought” of the day, I leave you with one of my favorite poems. Let’s just call it “food for thought.” See what kind of positive changes you can make to change your life and how you do business for the better.

Thoughts are Things

by Henry Van Dyke

I hold it true that thoughts are things;

They’re endowed with bodies and breath and wings;

And we send them forth to fill

The world with good results, or ill.

That which we call our secret thought

Speeds forth to earth’s remotest spot,

Leaving its blessings or its woes

Like tracks behind it as it goes.

We build our future, thought by thought,

For good or ill, yet know it not.

Yet, so the universe was wrought.

Thought is another name for fate;

Choose, then, they destiny and wait.

For love brings love and hate brings hate.

What quotes and motivational words do you rely to help you control your destiny and build your GDI business?

A Few Tips for Success from Your Fellow Affiliates

As we’ve said, Social Media is great for feedback, and now we are putting it to good use to help you. When our affiliates respond to us on Facebook, Twitter, Forums and every where else we listen. And now we’re sharing. In case you missed some of these great pieces of advice on Facebook, or you aren’t a fan on Facebook (change that here) we will now be featuring some of our best tips and success stories FROM YOU on the blog.

Below is some awesome encouragement from one of our affiliates, Vincent R. Parker.

Vincent R. Parker: Mindset has A LOT to do with YOUR business. Much more than most people realize, and the few who do realize it have received much training and experience to really appreciate that fact. And with that here is my advice: Never ever quit! Do not be a grasshopper jumping from one opportunity to the next thinking THIS business will do it for me. NO business will do it for you until you make it YOUR business. Get training on a daily basis and then act on that training. Step outside the box. Talk to people. Look for opportunities all around you. Talk to your pizza guy. Talk to businesses in your area. Start providing value for people online. Answer questions. Build relationships. Above all, work your heart out. Hard to give solid advice in so few words, but that’s mine. Hope it helps a bit. 🙂

We also have one more tip from Bart Dangerfield, the voice of our webinars. If you haven’t attended one, it’s time sto start! Also, catch up on past webinars at: http://gdiwebinars.ws/

Bart Dangerfield: Each week, GDI conducts a free webinar open to affiliates and their guests. Even though this webinar is conducted by top field leaders with GDI who represent several different systems, the content that is provided is applicable to ANY GDI affiliate who seeks to be successful.

The webinar starts with a quick 15-minute overview of the company and products, specifically designed for guests and new affiliates who want to learn more about getting started with GDI. Next, corporate news and updates are given. But by far, the most popular portion of the webinar is the live Q&A session where affiliates can ask their questions directly to GDI’s top leaders and most successful affiliates. These questions each week range from how to set up a website to the most effective tools to use in building your online business. To register for the webinar, simply go to: http://register.gdiwebinars.ws

Now it’s your turn to share! What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten for building your business and opportunity with Global Domains International?