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Encourage Engagement with Blog Posts

Blogs are a powerful way to connect with your audience, share your story, and build a brand. That’s why GDI offers a WordPress plugin as well as a blog plugin for our SiteBuilder service. Once you’re set up with the plugin of your choice, it’s time to think about how you want to blog. Here a three ways to create content that encourages engagement from your visitors.

Don’t Repeat Yourself

Think of the message you want your blog posts to convey before you write them. If you’re writing posts to encourage people to join GDI, think of new ways to write this call to action. Simple repeating posts that tell people to “sign up today!” defeats the purpose of a blog; blogs are a vehicle for fresh content. Create a new way to frame your messages with each post to keep visitors interested.

Connect to the News around You

One way to avoid repeating yourself is to follow the news. You can set up Google alerts for news related to your blog topic. Use these news stories to connect your blog posts and keep them relevant. This is also great for SEO as topics in the news are sure to be hot search topics for some time.

Switch Up Content

This tip helps your blog visitors as well as you. Switch up the type of content you’re sharing on your blog. This means taking advantage of all you can share from videos, to lists posts, to articles and blogs you like (attributed, of course). This will keep visitors engaged and will help you to avoid blog writers block!

What advice for blogging do you always try to follow? Do you use WordPress or our SiteBuilder blog?