Jul 012013

GDI always works hard to do the marketing for you. That’s why we offer the Inviter. The Inviter allows GDI members to input email address or their email account information so that customized emails can be sent out for you. The Inviter allows all members the chance to reach out to their current network and let them know about the opportunity with just a few clicks of the mouse.Inviter

These emails link to your WebSite, giving potential team members the chance to quickly and effectively learn about your opportunity. Unlike other affiliate programs that can overwhelm people with the number of products and what they do, GDI gives you the chance to share our product (your WebSite) and share just how it works simply.

Use the Inviter:

1. Log in to your Members Area

2. Navigate to Invite on the left hand side

3. Type in the contacts you wish to invite to see your site (Premium will access and input your contacts for you)

4. Click Send Your Invitations

5. You’re done!



Mar 182013

You know doubt know about the chance to build income for life with GDI, but do you know about our product offerings? GDI offers three products to its affiliates and you have the chance to take advantage of each one of them. Learn more about our products and share with your downline to help them make the most of their GDI membership.

LinkedInDomain.WS Domain
As you know, the .WS domain is affordable and works just like any other top level domain but did you know that WS allows you a chance at domain names you would otherwise be locked out of with .COM? Your .WS domain comes with instant activation, 20 sub domains, and options for parking and custom nameservers.

GDI also offers an optional domain privacy add-on for just $1 per month.  You can take advantage of URL forwarding to forward to any domain with the option for masked forwarding. Your .WS domain is search engine optimized (SEO) and is indexed by all major search engines.

If you site savvy and are interested in hosting, GDI can help with that. GDI offers a hosting package that comes complete with FTP access, 1GB of storage space, and 100GB monthly bandwidth. We boast 99% uptime with daily backups and 24/7 site monitoring so you can rest easy when hosting your domain with GDI.

LinkedInMailGDI Email
If you’re not using your GDI email, you should be! It’s a simple product that allows you to brand yourself and your domain. GDI’s email comes standard with 10 email addresses per domain and offers AJAX web interface as well as a mobile interface. GDI’s email also has cloud file editing and storage and personal spam control as well as POP3/IMAP support. Complete with tagging, conversations, and advanced search, your GDI Email is ready to become your go-to email service.


What’s your most used product? Tell us the comments!