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Marketing the Right Way

There is quite a difference between marketing and selling. There is a reason why the GDI opportunity if part of affiliate marketing and not affiliate selling. Sales and selling refer to getting customers to buy a certain product, whatever it might be. Marketing is the process of finding that right product, price and placement to ensure it meets the needs of the customer. As you share your GDI opportunity, you should be marketing not selling. Here’s how:

The opportunity and domain that GDI offers can be tailored many different ways to meet the needs of each potential new team member. As you approach people with the opportunity, don’t think about how their joining GDI will benefit you, but how it can benefit them. You need to find out the needs and wants of a potential team member to decide how best to present the opportunity. This is marketing.

Learn what someone might be most interested in and then market the opportunity to them in that sense. Is someone looking simply for another income source? Market the affiliate program. Is this person in need of a site for their business? Market the domain and site building services.

Remember, when you solely look to get someone to join your team for your benefit, you are selling. When you look for someone to join your team for their benefit as well as yours, you are marketing. Always market to build a successful and happy team.