Apr 132014

Congratulations to each person who earned a piece of the Team Bonus last month! March 2014 was a great month and saw seven teams earn the Team Bonus! Here’s how all the numbers break down for February 2014.

Total Payout: $7,4375.00

Total Multipliers:  9.25

Number of Teams Awarded the Bonus: 7

Teams Who Won a Bonus: 21Millionaire, GDI Website Leaders, GDI Team 1, waline, Magyar Csapat, WS Profits, Red de Oportunidades

Biggest Team Payout: $3,375.00

Smallest Team Payout: $250.00

Team Size of Biggest Winner: 1,391

Number of Sign Ups:  225

                Qualified Team Members:  83

Team Size of Smallest Winner:  40

Number of Sign Ups:  85

                Qualified Team Members:  17

If you want to win the Team Bonus, get started now. April’s contest is in full swing. To learn more about getting started, read our post on it HERE.

Apr 082014

The Team Bonus rewards a team of affiliates for the total number of signups they bring in during a set month. Each month teams are paid out a bonus of $250 per 25 signups with multipliers (up to triple!) available based on number of people in a team, number and distribution of referrals, and Premium referrals. Each team member with a converted referral gets an equal share of the payout.

You can multiply your earnings based on achieving certain combinations of converted signups throughout your team.  These multipliers can triple your earnings!

To Get Started:

Log in to your Members Area, navigate to GDI Bonuses and click Team Bonus Information under GDI Team Bonus. Now decide if you would like to join an existing team or create your own. To join a team, you must find it first. If you know the name of the team can search for it in the available search box or browse for it in the list of teams. If you aren’t sure which team you wish to join, you can simply browse all of the open teams listed.

Once you have found the team you wish to be part of, select Join. A confirmation window will pop up after you do this to make sure this is the team you would like to join. When you click on Join Team a notice will be sent to that team’s leader letting them know you wish to join. The team leader then has to option to approve or refuse your request. Any requests that do not receive a response within 5 days will result in the request automatically being approved.

Creating your own team is just as easy as joining a team. Follow the same steps above to get to the Team Bonus Information area. Select Create Team to get started. A pop up will appear and ask you to enter the team name of your choice and your language. By clicking Create Team after you enter this information you will be starting your team with you as the leader. Your team is active immediately.

Mar 182014

Are you thinking of joining a team for the Team Bonus? Great! But first, answer a few questions to find the right team for you. You also need to be approved by the team leader before joining, so keep that in mind as you do research.

Do you know the Team Leader?

You may have heard of the team leader or seen them on the leaderboard for bonuses. This is great, but it’s even better if you know the team leader. Consider sending them an email to introduce yourself and learn more about them before requesting to join their team.

How many team members are there?

The number of people on a team greatly affects the bonus. Team members are the difference between earning a bonus or not and how many people the bonus is split by. How many team members are you willing to depend on? How big of a bonus do you want?

What’s the team’s history?

Thanks to leaderboards, it’s easy to find out a lot about a team. Do your research to see how often a team earns a bonus and how many members are qualified. This information will give you a hint of what is in store for you.